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Products Used

  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Partner Community
  • Marketing Cloud

Our client is a premier institute in Design, Fashion, Business, and Media since its inception in 1993 in Delhi. It currently offers 40 designed courses via campuses in 4 cities across India. It has been receiving accolades for its consistent good work. Its pioneering work in vocational subjects with emphasis on Internationalism; entrepreneurship and employability are why it is a leader in its domain.

Challenges & Issues

  • The agents of our client used to maintain all prospect information using the traditional method of excel sheets.
  • This traditional method caused data redundancy.
  • Multiple agents contacting the same prospect, and confusion in the management on actual prospect status was the order - of - the - day.
  • Management was unclear as to the actual number of applicants as this data was maintained in spreadsheets/excel.
  • In essence, there was no clarity on the vital issue of prospects and their journey with the institute.

Our Solution & Work

  • We designed the complete lead to application business process.
  • Our work for them included setting up the Salesforce CRM for sales, customer services and operations.
  • Also implemented partner community to enable and streamline partners and its processes.
  • We integrated Salesforce CRM with centralized lead database (receiving leads from all partners) as well as CTI (Computer telephony integration) dialer for them.


  • Agents became aligned as to the assignment and nurturing of each prospect. Having a defined process helped the agents to become more attuned with the procedures.
  • Integration with dialer helped agents focus more on high-value prospects with a higher chance of onboarding and success.
  • The effort of the agents is reduced as automatic dialing takes place and prospect details pop - up once the call gets connected. This helped the agents get the current status of each prospect and work on nurturing the prospect for the next stage.
  • The onboarded prospect was also stored in the system as an applicant with the corresponding course, application number, and other important details.
  • Data redundancy was avoided due to the setting up of duplicate rules.
  • The management was able to get a clear picture of which prospects are coming from which partners, and which of these leads are new.
  • Agent efficiency improved, leading to an increase in ROI.

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