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Salesforce® Clouds

There was a time when clouds referred to the beautiful mass of water drops in the sky. In the age of technology, the cloud now has a totally different meaning. Salesforce is the world's number one CRM brand as it has an innovative range of cloud-based focussed solutions & tools for different industries and specific roles such as sales and marketing. These Salesforce clouds offerings enable businesses of all shapes, sizes, and verticals to enhance their efficiency and forge a deeper bond with their customers. Let's look at some of the leading Salesforce cloud services on offer by Salesforce Inc.


Marketers are magicians who conjure up beautiful imagery and alluring words. Assisting them as a magic wand is the intuitive Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This resource provides digital marketing automation & analytics software, and services. Marketing Salesforce Cloud is the most appropriate medium for curating relevant, customised journeys via different channels and electronic devices – allowing marketing teams to send the right message to the right audience at the right hour. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a bouquet of features & studios such as social studio, journey builder, email studio, and data studio. For a business that needs to streamline the marketing of its wares, this Marketing Salesforce Cloud offering is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Social presence with Social Studio
  • Personalised outreach with Mobile studio
  • Great ideas with Advertising Studio
  • Manage contacts with Contact builder
  • Optimise website with Web Studio
  • Analyse data with Analytics Builder


Make your business more agile and smarter by selling from anywhere, anytime via the supercharged Salesforce Sales Cloud. This Salesforce Sales Cloud specialises in promoting the robustness of the sales team leading to an increase in sales and revenue generation. Its unique features enable the curation of a streamlined sales process, give access to end-to-end details of all clients / leads, and provide holistic client communication via multiple channels. With a vast pool of information on each client, engagement with relevant and personalised content is enabled. Valuable insights and data are easily accessible and deciphered for strategic decision-making. This is a tool no sales team can overlook in its quest for glory.

  • Automated sales pipeline
  • Accountant and contact management
  • Opportunity and Product Management
  • Quotes and contract management
  • Email and website integration
  • Holistic management of all campaigns


Customer expectations from businesses have changed and how. Customers expect sensitive & smooth servicing at all times or else they move onto your competitors. This is where Salesforce Services Cloud comes to the rescue. The Salesforce Services Cloud is software that whips into shape the entire client servicing process making it more agile and efficient. Empower your clients with different self-service options. Aid clients by linking them to knowledge articles, account information, and the right community members. Clients will love the digital, holistic experience with Salesforce Services Cloud. Customer service and customer delight are now at your fingertips.

  • Support client interactions
  • Power of AI with Salesforce Services Cloud
  • Serve quicker with automated workflows
  • Engage with clients in their favourite channels
  • Field service process enhanced
  • Up level call center management


Communities that are connected and engaged strengthen over time. The same philosophy also applies to our professional and online community consisting of clients, vendors, partners, and staff. The Salesforce Community Cloud has a range of collaboration enhancing tools that link them with the data, applications (also known as apps), and experts they require. Populate communities with information from any electronic devices, anywhere. Clients can curate & escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. The staff has access to files and can share them as well. The Salesforce Community Cloud automatically offers access to experts, groups, and content. Suggestions are made based on personal interests, requirements, and behaviour, welcoming extensive participation.

  • Brainstorming and Discussion Boards
  • Project and task management
  • Calendar & document management
  • Social media management
  • Ideation and crowdsourcing
  • Decision tree for reviewing outcomes


Enabling the enablers in their noble work. The Salesforce non profit cloud is a gift to the vast NGO community by Salesforce Inc to augment their work with the aid of agile technology. Salesforce non profit cloud is a unified platform for NGOs to widen their outreach, from anywhere. Be it vital donor management, crucial fundraising, helpful volunteer or program management, it’s all contained within this easy-to-use and simple Salesforce nonprofit cloud. NGOs can innovate faster with this holistic Salesforce nonprofit cloud that provides a unified source of truth, intelligence and experience capabilities. With the automation of an array of tasks, NGOs can focus on empowering more communities through their projects.

  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Donor engagement enhanced
  • Volunteer management simplified
  • Purpose built solutions
  • Streamline work processes
  • Automate mundane tasks


Salesforce commitment to higher education is reflected in connecting campuses with its Salesforce education cloud. The Salesforce education cloud enables all services which a student in a college needs to know to be consolidated in one place and easily available. Plus, the cloud offers the option of personalised marketing and communication. Thus the colleges can engage with prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders in a direct, real, and more meaningful way. In the same spirit, education Salesforce cloud has been focused on ensuring that education more specifically higher education (University level) is connected by technology to enhance the whole experience. They believe that life on an academic campus should be student-focused, simple, and connected in all aspects.

  • Holistic View of Stakeholders
  • Effective and personalised communication
  • Marketing & enrolment automation
  • Nurturing of relationships with education Salesforce cloud
  • Multi-department collaboration
  • Empowering and enabling students


Salesforce Health Cloud brings the world's #1 CRM to the healthcare domain. Salesforce Health Cloud is a leading patient and member relationship platform that harnesses the power and security of the cloud, as well as social & mobile technologies to deliver more personalized engagement & care. Through Health Salesforce Cloud, care teams have easy access to clinical & non-clinical patient data, including prevailing health conditions and medications, appointment history, data from electronic health records & other systems. Health Salesforce Cloud not only unlocks data from legacy systems of record and EHRs, it gives healthcare professionals the tools they need to collaborate more efficiently, understand patients better, and build 1-to-1 relationships. With Health Cloud, customers have a data model built around patients and designed specifically for the medical fraternity.

  • Single Patient View
  • Personalised communication
  • Focus on better outcomes
  • Real-time engagement
  • Electronic Health Records integration
  • Sales experience enhanced


The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud enables industrialists to provide intelligent field cycles, b2b commerce, channel management, etc in a more consolidated manner. The Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce services offer a gamut of benefits which is why their adoption has been booming in the last few years. These benefits include and are not limited to reduction in overhead costs and enhanced efficiency. The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers a comprehensive picture of customers in the manufacturing industry. It allows for greater transparency, cohesion in inter-department communication and obtains real-time insights for business growth.

  • Modernise operations with Manufacturing Salesforce cloud
  • Extensive data analytics
  • Improve partner engagement
  • Prebuilt objects, processes, and frameworks
  • Transform service experiences
  • Innovative tools and AI