codleo consulting



Products Used

  • Sales Cloud

Our customer is an award-winning firm in the domain of business intelligence that provides data solutions for automated & manual decision making during the client onboarding, compliance, and credit analysis processes. It is a leader in the fields of credit reporting, business intelligence, and investigative due diligence for the MENA region (The Middle East & North Africa). It has its offices in the Middle East.

Challenges & Issues

  • The customer did not have a well-implemented Salesforce org.
  • They had also not been provided proper training in using the platform.
  • Therefore, their users/team members were having problems adapting to the operations and process of their Salesforce system.

Our Solution & Work

  • We refurbished the entire implementation of the customer’s Salesforce platform.
  • We set up forecasting with actual data coming in from completed opportunities.
  • Codleo also provided users training on how to use the platform. A select group of team members was provided Admin training.
  • Training manuals were also provided by us.


  • The updated platform was simple, clean, and easy to use for the users.
  • The shortcuts bar on the homepage reduced the pain of searching for items and navigating through a dozen tabs.
  • Forecasting allowed managers to assign monthly targets to each of their agents and get real-time updates of opportunities closed by their agents, thereby getting daily progress with reference to those benchmarks.
  • The training received enabled the team members to perform their tasks with ease and the Admins were also trained well enough to carry out their day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting on the platform.

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