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Products Used

  • Sales Cloud

Our client is a family-run medium scale enterprise that sources a range of eclectic and latest products from around the world, for different uses such as home décor, garden décor, and houseware. Focused primarily on the home improvement retail sector, their services are used by retailers globally. The enterprise is based in India.

Challenges & Issues

  • There was no real – time visibility on their engagement / history with various stakeholders such as vendors, customers, and so on.
  • The invoice generation process for the customers was not efficient.
  • There was no real – time visibility on the work & performance of their sales personnel.
  • Data analytics through ERP (Enterprise resource planning) was a challenge. No reports were being generated.

Our Solution & Work

  • We configured the sales onboarding process along with opportunities, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Automatic invoice generation for commission fees from the Salesforce system to the customers, in different formats (Excel and PDF), was created.
  • Reports and dashboards were configured for business intelligence as well as customer visibility for different levels of hierarchy in the company.
  • Commission fees management was configured / set up for the partner to the customer.
  • Integration of Salesforce with Microsoft Navision ERP led to capturing of data with regards to purchase orders, invoices, and customer updates.


  • 100% visibility to the management with regard to commission fees of all customers, viewed at a glance.
  • 70 – 80% of their processes were automated.
  • Staff productivity improved by 25 – 30%, thanks to the automation of processes.
  • Valuable time of staff saved by 70% due to automation of processes.
  • 100% accuracy on commission calculations thanks to automation, as compared to the earlier system of human calculation which led to errors.

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