codleo consulting



Products Used

  • Sales Cloud

It is an e-learning platform for children (kindergarten to 12th grade) that specialises in curated learning experiences with wholesome, engaging, and relevant content. Around 4 lakh students across numerous schools in India have benefitted from their educational e-tools. They also provide automated homework and class assessment solutions for schools with over 400 schools using their methodology. They are a trusted and award-winning brand in the educational sector.

Challenges & Issues

  • Team members were having problems keeping tabs on their leads.
  • Customers were being contacted repeatedly by different agents at different points in time as there was no method of monitoring engagement history.
  • The Finance department was unable to keep a track of agents movements & activities, and the onboarding of schools & students.
  • The senior management had no means to track team activity or performance, customer status & conversion rates, and product sales.

Our Solution & Work

  • We implemented the Sales Cloud with CTI (Computer telephony integration) integration for the client.
  • Processes were set up for finance approval for both sales and payment schedules.
  • Separate business processes were created for both the models - B2B and B2C. Both were given restricted access to their own accounts, while the managers had complete visibility of all accounts & activities in their module.
  • We set up their training module, payment, and Customer survey Modules.
  • S3 (Simple Storage Service) drive integration was implemented as well. S3 Drive is a robust tool that lets users sync and work with S3 compatible services from a mounted drive.
  • A Proposal management tool/feature was created and deployed.


  • Agent productivity has improved many folds.
  • Their agents are more coordinated on their Leads, current nurturing stage, and next steps to be taken.
  • There is transparency between sales and finance departments due to which approvals are gained quickly and processing is faster.
  • The management is able to get real-time updates on escalations and provide timely actions/interventions.
  • Complete reporting of all activities and all sales information is clearly communicated to the senior management and the C-level management respectively.

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