codleo consulting



Products Used

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot

Our client is an executive education enabler connecting leading universities with senior executives, business leaders, professionals & family business owners. Their executive programs are meant to prepare professionals into leaders who will lead their brands to growth & success. The company is based in the USA.

Challenges & Issues

  • They were using a CRM that was not delivering the services for which it had been deployed.
  • The concerned department was not able to track leads.
  • They were unable to identify the sources of the leads as well as the % of productivity of each of the sources .

Our Solution & Work

  • Implemented and deployed Sales Cloud across B2C customer segments for lead management. The complete prospect flow from prospect generation to enrolment, and the end-to-end process is now automated on the solution.
  • Sales Cloud objects like tasks, calls and events are also used in detail to schedule, monitor meetings and counselling.
  • Automation of the prospect management process has enhanced conversion rates by 40%.
  • Sales Cloud further functions as a student data repository and has become the single source of all data relating to the enrolled students, streamlining of day-to-day processes has helped them achieve a 30-40 percent rise in the efficiency of invoicing and collection.
  • Pardot is used for digital marketing campaigns, and to run client journeys & experiences.
  • With all prospect information unified on Salesforce, the team is able to focus on programs effectively, optimise campaign budget and focus on channels that yield more.
  • With web training programs, they have successfully overcome industry-specific adoption issues, such as low levels of tech-savvy amongst staff and the distributed nature of the business.

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