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15 Lakh


Products Used

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Chatbot

Launched in 2002, our client is a Delhi based non - governmental organization working to improve the lives of over 15 lakh children and their families every year. They are primarily focused on children's education, health, livelihood, and women's empowerment. with over 400 projects active in over 2000 remote villages and marginalised communities. Their efforts have won them numerous accolades and partnerships.

Challenges & Issues

  • The client had been using Salesforce for their B2B process but wanted to extend the same process to their B2C process as well.
  • They had been using various other software for their LMS and receipting and wanted to create a centralised system which had the power to undertake all their needs.
  • Their donation and receipt management processes were completely manual where they had to extract payment information from their payment gateways and check them for reconciliation.
  • They needed an online ticketing system to keep track of all their incoming service requests. Their previous system was on mails which made it hard for management to identify the types of tickets logged and thereby bridge the gaps in their process. It was also a task to track the status of the logged issues.
  • There was no system to consolidate all their processes & information, and thereby generate a holistic view of the donations received from all different sources.

Our Solution & Work

  • Codleo Consulting implemented the B2C Sales process for the client and integrated their LMS with the Salesforce platform to bring any new leads added by their partner Agencies.
  • We have integrated two of their payment gateways with Salesforce so that their payment information gets directly updated onto the B2C Account.
  • We also implemented a ticketing system for all the service requests received by them so that the tickets get created automatically and assigned to the respective department based on the nature of request. The system follows an escalation process to ensure that tickets get resolved within a stipulated time. Management can now collate a report to analyse the types and average time spent on issues.
  • We integrated an SMS Vendor’s portal with their Salesforce so that agents can send individual (Payment links, Transaction details, etc) or even bulk messages (Mass notifications on upcoming events) directly from their Salesforce org, by selecting the Account and the message to be sent.
  • The client is currently in talks with Codleo for the next phase of software development on their Salesforce org, in which they wish to:
    • Integrate their remaining payment gateways and automate their reconciliation process, thereby bringing all their payment modes and information into Salesforce.
    • Manage offline payments through integration with Ingenico.
    • Deploy a Chatbot for their website.
    • Integrate WhatsApp as a communication medium to get closer to their donors.

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