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Products Used

  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Sales Cloud

Our client is a global provider of consulting, support, and managed services for insurance firms. They work in collaboration with professionals in this domain to enhance operational productivity. With offices worldwide, they serve a wide range of brokers, insurers, and reinsurers with their unique solutions.

Challenges & Issues

  • Our client has had issues with the marketing agency as leads were not being streamlined.
  • The two crucial departments of marketing and sales were working in silos which were crippling the productivity of the company. They were not connected by any means, hence each of the two teams did not know about the leads campaigns, and plans of the other.
  • The collaboration between the two departments took place on a manual mode which is cumbersome & time-consuming.
  • There was no concept of lead scoring and nurturing.
  • Further, there was no automatic data flow from paid advertisements into their systems.
  • Last but not the least; they were unable to get valuable insights from the marketing efforts as they did not have any access to dashboards/reports etc.

Our Solution & Work

  • We onboarded Pardot marketing tool for the marketing team.
  • Both Salesforce and Pardot were integrated with each other. This resulted in both the departments being connected and on the same page for all purposes. There was one unified source of truth for the entire company.
  • We created automation journeys for different segments of leads. Lead segmentation was created on the basis of certain fixed parameters.
  • The paid market activity began to flow seamlessly and was integrated with the unified system to deliver insights & quantifiable results.
  • We helped them set the criteria for SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) followed by an automatic flow of the SQL to the Sales Agents as per their capabilities and region.
  • We helped them to understand their MQL (Market Qualified Leads).
  • We assisted them with campaign reporting.
  • We integrated their social media accounts like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and helped them in automating their social posting process.
  • We also helped them in SEO by tracking their keywords and competitor SEO presence.


  • Marketing activities were streamlined. The sales team became aware of the marketing activities which the marketing team is performing on their prospects and vice versa.
  • Better results from emails marketing helped the company get more email opens and better ROI from their email campaigns.
  • Automated lead flow from organic and paid ads helped the company to respond to customers more quickly & efficiently and increased the ROI & rate of conversion as well.

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