codleo consulting

Retail Revolution with Tech tools

Retailers have their jobs cut out. Customer delight & loyalty along with the growth of customer base is on top of the agenda. Coming to the aid of retailers of all shapes and sizes are tech tools. They provide the wings for retailers to soar in the sky and steal a march over others.

Personalize the journey

Curate customized and scalable journeys that delight the shopping audience with offers/schemes at the right time via the right digital medium –cell phone, web, social media sites, or email.

Redefine digital commerce

Transform the shopping experience into a magical one across the internet, social platforms, cell phones, and brick – and- mortar outlets. Activate omnichannel order management capabilities that allow people to purchase anywhere and retail outlets to serve from any location.

Reduce costs & propel meaningful engagement

Engineer authentic conversations with shoppers in mediums of their choice. Customize all engagements and enable agents to reply quickly with the information they require to convert a lead / shopper into a lifelong ambassador for your brand.

Intelligent Marketing works

It’s always good to market smarter, not harder. Ace the marketing journey with customized journeys & engagement across various mediums of communication. Draw the shoppers and get the cash counters ringing incessantly.