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Do More Good With Salesforce

Non-profit organizations are the conscience keepers of society. Their stellar work be it helping children, the differently abled, the environment, the underprivileged, and others remind us that we all have to do our bit. Codleo and Salesforce empower Non-profits with the help of a tech stack to widen their reach.

Fundraising Now Energized

Fundraising Solutions from Nonprofit Cloud help NGOs monitor donors and engage with those invested in your work in a unified platform. With holistic views and deeper connections, witness an increase in the funds received.

Nurture donor relationships

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Solutions lets NGOs track and maintain constituent relationships in a whole new way. Segment your donors and engage in a more meaningful manner that they have come to expect, so they donate liberally on a regular basis.

Grant making Simplified

Ease and hasten the grant making process to ensure that the deserving sections of society get the funds they need to rebuild their lives. Grant makers make it simple for grantees to communicate with a personalized Grantee Portal that can be set up in a short span of time.

Automate Mundane Processes

For NGOs with small teams, automation of mundane processes comes across as a big relief. This enables the team to spend more time on essential tasks / projects and gets more work done than ever before. Isn’t that great?

Wow the Volunteers

Managing volunteers, their hours, schedule, and work has always been a source of pain. Not any longer. Tech solutions simplify the entire process and even lead to an increase in volunteers (or their time). Volunteer management is as simple as making pancakes.