codleo consulting

Media makeover with a tech stack

Salesforce’s multiple offerings such as sales cloud, service cloud & chatter, and Codleo’s experience & expertise come together to make life for your consumers easier. The digital savvy consumers expect the sky from their media, and with these smart tools, you can deliver without batting an eyelid. Be tech savvy and win hearts & minds with a steady supply of engaging and powerful content people want & expect.

Going beyond content

Forge deeper connect with clients. Leverage data to curate relevant and engaging content, irrespective of location or device in use.

21st century digital tools

Use the latest social, cell phone, cloud, and analytics technologies to bond with clients. Salesforce enables marketing managers, sales personnel & service agents to forge close ties with customers on devices of their choice, with personalized interaction.

Build a connected culture

Forge robust client connections with cell phone apps & tools to handle subscriptions, update profiles, and so on. Further, Salesforce makes interdepartmental work smoother, monitor progress easier, and provides feedback irrespective of location.