codleo consulting

Take patient relationships and medical innovation to new heights.

Codleo has a range of Salesforce solutions for the healthcare industry for more robust, open, smooth, and intuitive processes. Our team optimizes challenging healthcare processes, reduces overhead expenses, improves performance, curates compliance systems, and builds a versatile and safe healthcare environment.

Ramp up patient-centric experiences across the board

End to end engagements with patients via a unified platform that links people, information, and processes. You are able to win the hearts & minds of patients with personalized engagement and care, in channels of their choice.

Better care with cloud-based healthcare

With Salesforce health cloud, you are able to provide services that meet the needs of your patients (and their families) as well as their personal preferences. Be a healthcare provider that your patients can trust and engage with. All records are online thus accessible anytime, anywhere. No dependencies on manual files.

Customize patient experience

Our services link all care teams/departments to a holistic view of each patient via a single source of truth. Rejig the call center, speedily transfer patients to care, and act on social determinants of health to enhance results.

Patient Care First

Empower teams to make the best decisions possible with data led processes and a holistic view of all patients & families they serve. The best care is now available at their fingertips and patients benefit more than ever thanks to technology & Codleo services.

21st century healthcare system

With Codleo as your digital partner, you will be the proud owner of a modern, flexible, robust, and scalable system that will be the envy of others around you. 21st century healthcare is here.