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Financial services redefined with Salesforce

Salesforce is assisting financial service companies to ride the digital age disruption. It offers a unified interface that enables the smart management of their sales, client servicing, and business processes - while following identified industry protocols.

Speed up transformation with Financial Services Cloud

All departments are united via a single scalable and flexible tool that puts clients at the centre of the universe. Make smarter customer decisions and obtain access to qualitative insights.

Seal more deals with customer insights & built-in compliance.

Enable senior bankers, analysts, compliance managers, and group heads to forge closer customer relationships. Oversee pipelines, collaborate smartly across different departments, harness the power of internal and third-party data, and guarantee data is available to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.

Be the bank of choice

Reimagine you’re banking operations to be customer centric and a hub of financial wellness. Become the bank everyone wants to open an account with. Allow your teams to provide seamless experiences via different devices and mediums.

Offer client-centric insurance experiences

Adopt the industry’s digital needs with omni-channel engagement, agile product innovation, and automated processes. Quote and issue policies, transact service requests, and settle claims; all from a unified platform.

For closer relationships with a client focus approach

Offer relevant and curated experiences clients expect. Offer strategic consultancy, objective focused planning, strategic opportunities, and expert advice that ensure that your clients remain bonded with you, despite bumps along the journey.

Loans & mortgages simplified

Streamline the entire loan application process across all mediums. Enhance relationships with a holistic view of borrowers’ finances, and gain trust with a transparent collaborative experience.