codleo consulting

Sell more goods with stronger relationships

Codleo advances the cause of the consumer goods that contributes to two-thirds of the global economy. It does so with the power of digital tools such as the Consumer Goods Cloud offering by Salesforce Inc. Tech revolution in the consumer goods industry will give the marketing and sales teams a makeover. The issue pertaining to the supply chain crisis will diminish thanks to the ramping up of the production & delivery processes.

Visit stores on priority

Salesforce CRM cloud enables the field personnel to visit the right store at the right time. The Automated platform provides insights on store location, quickest directions, and time needed to visit the stores on mobile devices. An omnichannel view eases the sales process by linking with the right store and sealing deals quicker.

Personalized client support

Salesforce consumer goods cloud keeps customers and leads connected to nurture prospects and improve cross selling opportunities. The information led functionalities to enhance client journeys with personalized sales & optimized brand promotions. Personnel can increase revenue with robust order management strategies and reimagined in-store client experience.

Smooth Inventory management is here

Tech transformation aids in real-time inventory tracking & management in the consumer goods industry. AI & Machine learning capabilities aid in comprehension of client requirements, alert the relevant team on out of stock goods and restock items.

Leveraging in-store workflows

The Field personnel can enhance in-store functionalities with Einstein AI to analyze stores and highlight out of stock goods, pricing, offers, product category, and promotions. They can forge closer ties with shop owners / management by addressing their issues, constant engagement, and better service.