codleo consulting

Wow subscribers with customized experiences

Get your subscribers to become loyal ambassadors for your company. With the right mix of tech tools in your arsenal, curating a positive experience for your customers is no longer a losing battle. End to end information allows for personalized and focused engagement & problem solving. Codleo and Salesforce join hands to put the spark in your customer service.

Provide what subscribers expect

Salesforce solutions for the communication industry gives clients, agents, and retailers easy and quick access to all the data they require. This allows subscribers to enjoy a holistic & individualized relationship & experience at every step of the journey.

Communication and innovation

Businesses use Salesforce social & mobile cloud solutions to ensure clients always get connected to the relevant department with end – to - end data for informed conversations. Therefore, every call / interaction is focused, empathetic and productive.

Become customer centric

The communications industry is not about broadband, data plans, or family packs. It's about building bonds and rapport with the expanding customer base. Salesforce and Codleo reinvent client servicing. Different digital tools are leveraged to help agents to know each customer in a better manner and thus provided service par excellence that customers want and deserve.

Salesforce Communications CRM to the rescue

Salesforce Communications CRM enables telecom companies to fulfil the high expectations of the subscribers. In the 21st century everyone expects customised, quick, and relevant service, and if companies don’t provide it then they are going to lose out in the long run as well as deal with negative publicity. Communications CRM from Salesforce Industries enables your company to feed your customers, sales personnel, service agents, and retailers data required to curate a positive & customized client experience that enables them to be loyal brand ambassadors for the long haul.