codleo consulting

Accelerate efficiency and fuel client delight

The automotive industry is very cut throat with so many players in the market. Get miles ahead of your competitors with the power of Salesforce and Codleo. Automotive CRM from Salesforce is one such powerful tool that every vehicle dealer must deploy to their advantage. With our state-of-the-art tech stack, your success is assured.

Reimagine client experience

Today’s vehicle owners have larger than life expectations from top brands such as yours. They look for a quick & seamless journey at every stage of the client life cycle. Salesforce and we activate your listening capabilities to clients and engage them at via different mediums, such as the world wide web, cell phones and tablets, social media, showroom floors, and connected cars. Personalized journeys are the key to creating loyal customers, and we enable the same.

More leads become clients

Communicate with your leads wherever they are—internet, electronic devices, or on social media networks. Salesforce allows you to capture and channel prospects from all sources and manage the relationship from query to sale.

Engage and delight

Owners of vehicles expect brands to be engaged through out every stage of vehicle ownership. Salesforce with its many tools & features channelize your legacy investments to curate personalized experiences that lead to better service and closer relationships.

Automotive CRM from Salesforce

With automotive CRM from Salesforce, you can be an important part of the entire decision-making process and guide each lead / client toward the best vehicle as per their requirements — then continue the relationship long after the sale has been made, providing superior post – sales service ensuring that they remain lifelong loyal clients. Salesforce automotive CRM allows you to listen to clients & connect with them via mediums of their choice, anytime, and anywhere.