codleo consulting



Products Used

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Digital Engagement
  • Pardot

Our customer is a corporate group that operates private universities across continents. They offer courses on a host of subjects ranging from business studies to medicine to law. They are present in 42 locations with over 75000 students enrolled. They are the recipient of many accolades such as the “private education group of the year”. Their headquarter is in the United Kingdom.

Challenges & Issues

  • There was no system / platform to capture or streamline the leads coming from WhatsApp and the website.
  • Sales reps were unable to have personalised 1 on 1 conversations with leads.
  • Supervisors and advisors were not able to have 360 views of every student, coming from different channels.
  • No unified platform for addressing the queries of leads that were coming from different channels. This resulted in the continuous switching of screens of the agents.

Our Solution & Work

  • Implemented Salesforce Digital Engagement channel for 23 of their universities to transform and enable them digitally with an omnichannel presence.
  • Reach Students across every digital channel — including mobile messaging, web chat, social networks, and more — to provide a seamless service experience all on the #1 platform for sales service.
  • Chatbot was designed for each entity and set up according to the flowcharts of each entity or university.
  • Enabled omnichannel for live agents so that they can receive chat conversations in real-time to enable them to engage in relevant engagement with leads.
  • We linked the business WhatsApp number of different brands with Salesforce to capture student messages in Salesforce.
  • Engagement of students on their favourite channel, with all digital interactions managed in one place.

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