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Jul 12, 2022 05:57 AM

Covid - 19 pandemic has impacted our lives like no other force barring global warming. It has forced businesses to look inwards and find unique solutions to not only survive but even thrive. Small and medium companies ( known as MSMEs or SMBs ) need to pay special attention to adopting a state of art technology kitty that will give them the edge they need to thrive in these difficult times. Our blog today is on why small and medium-sized businesses need powerful and dynamic Salesforce CRM and Salesforce services by their side.   

Let’s list the top reasons why SMEs need Salesforce services:  

  • Economical on the company’s financial bottom lines. As the Salesforce ecosystem’s numerous products are cloud-based, they don’t need expensive server architecture. So, firms such as small and medium-sized businesses that are mindful of their spending can deploy CRM or other cloud products without batting an eyelid. It's such a relief to have a 21st-centuryst century tech tool that is light on the pocket of the company.  

  • The simplicity of design and usage. Its look & feel and minimal coding aspect make it a tool that is simple and easy to use. In that sense, it is a winner and ideal for small & medium businesses that want ease & simplicity at the core of their expanding tech stack.  A Salesforce consultancy is needed to help with deployment. 

  • Unique features. With coding & programming unique features in a firm’s Salesforce CRM Platform, salesforce personalization can radically improve your CRM platform’s capabilities. Apex classes, Apex triggers, various third-party connectors, visual force emails, changing page layouts with CSS, and constructing visual force pages are all features that are game changers.  Contact a Salesforce consultancy for more information. 

  • Licenses can be purchased based on company needs. Based on Salesforce’s robust & dynamic permissions management, Salesforce provides an extensive range of licenses based on the size & needs of a company. As companies scale, they can acquire more. Nothing is cast in stone. Flexibility is the order of the day.  

  • Integrations can be customized to meet each business’s needs. Many business apps ( paid or free ) on AppExchange – Salesforce’s own version of the play store as well as tools such as MailChimp, Dropbox, and Gmail can be integrated smoothly with your CRM. Thus, all your work-related tech tools can be accessed and used from one place. Hence no more switching between platforms/screens. Working on different tech tools has never been so easy peasy.  

  • Get access to real-time data. Information drive decisions based on actual data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere is a real boon for business owners. The availability of data in the form of graphs, charts, etc helps companies to take remedial actions and strategies for the future with the help of Salesforce companies.  

  • Automating mundane processes. Free up your teams to focus on critical and valuable tasks instead of focusing on repetitive and mundane tasks. Thus, the productivity and efficiency of each employee shoot up and affect the overall performance of the company in totality.  

  • Improve productivity and efficiency of all employees and the company thanks to Salesforce companies.

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