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Jul 07, 2023 09:45 AM

Audits in normal parlance are investigations carried out by an agency to see if all is well within a company as they claim it to be. Salesforce Audits or health checks are as important as our semi-annual health checks that doctors recommend. The primary reasons for the Salesforce audit are to obtain insights into the customer’s org security settings, enabling the team to pinpoint and address any instabilities. It also assists in lowering the gaps in the data & eliminating processes that waste time and resources. The audit undertaken under the umbrella of Salesforce services, it’s also a good opportunity to deep dive into the org and know it better. Some of the discoveries may need to be removed as they are redundant and so on. Find & fix technical debt within the org. Audit helps to discover bad configuration, and dirty data in the org that are just junk and make your org heavy confirm Salesforce services partners.

What does one look for during the Salesforce Audit as part of Salesforce services?

  • Security settings. The Salesforce security features allow users to do their tasks securely & efficiently. Salesforce limits access to data to the users that need or use it. Companies offering Salesforce services carry out security controls within the business based on hierarchy and needs.
  • Data model. The Salesforce data model is primarily a grouping of Salesforce objects and fields, and data modeling is the process of creating a framework for the data using objects, fields, and relationships.
  • Sharing and visibility settings
  • Automatization and business processes
  • Reports and dashboards. Salesforce is popular for this feature with access to many reports based on real time data. Visual representation of the data is available in many forms of dashboards such as pie charts and kanban.
  • Data quality. Data parked in Salesforce needs to be clean i.e., accurate and devoid of duplicates to work for a business. Otherwise, it has no value and just acts like an albatross around one’s neck.
  • Best practices in place. Without best practice, everything can just become a mess. No one wants that to happen say partners providing Salesforce services.

Best toToolsor a Salesforce Audit

  • Salesforce optimiser – It gives users comprehensive data within the org on over 50 metrics, on everything from storage, fields, and personalised code, to personalised layouts for objects, reports and dashboards, etc.
  • Field trip - With ZoomInfo Field Trip, users can easily analyse the fields of any object & the % of records that have this field populated, besides the general health of the information. It is used to eliminate idle and archaic fields in the org.
  • Perm Comparator – Differentiating between users, profiles, and permission sets is now simple. Use the drag-and-drop option on this superior interface and then you can see the differences as clearly as crystal. Call Codleo for Salesforce services.

It’s important that the final report/audit sheet for the customer is prepared by a partner in Salesforce services, the issues are slotted based on priority and complexity. It's also good to suggest timelines to fix the issues and what is needed by the partner of Salesforce services, for the same.


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