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Jul 07, 2022 09:47 AM

Every company that wishes to be future-ready and ahead of the competition has gone in for a digital makeover. They have adopted a CRM like Salesforce as well as other products in its expanding ecosystem such as sales cloud, Salesforce service cloud, marketing Salesforce cloudand commerce cloud. Most clouds are for specific industries or specific profiles and the list is ever-expanding annually.  In this blog, we take the liberty to introduce you to some lesser-known Salesforce clouds that deserve their spot in the limelight. 

Experience Cloud – Earlier known to some of you as community Cloud. It links clients, employers, partners, and agents into web-based communities. It lets brands make web-based portals for collaboration, client services, sales, and other vital tasks. Experience Cloud links into your CRM information to build an internal social platform for all Salesforce users in the company. Companies can create personalized portals for their HR department, their IT help desk, and other internal services. Experience Cloud works also as an assistance forum & support site to connect with the departments they require. 

Analytics Cloud - Salesforce Analytics Cloud is created to get businesses to get the maximum benefit from information received by a business via different mediums. Analytics Cloud works with AI technology to burrow into the information received and obtain valuable insights. Data is presented in the form of visually appealing graphs & charts to share with invested teams and people. The main objective is to obtain data that lets management/teams make informed decisions based on real–time data. 

App Cloud – It has the tools required to speedily curate strong, secure, and scalable enterprise-grade apps that are code free and enable the companies to optimize their work/business processes and so on. With it, businesses begin creating personalized cloud apps without purchasing or handling software. Plus, the app store on" AppExchange" is home to many free & paid apps that can be integrated with Salesforce. 

Manufacturing Cloud – It is an Artificial Intelligence powered, cloud-based manufacturing platform, designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of any size or nature. It is a unified home to handle customer-centric operations across the business. Get a holistic picture of net latest leads, client contracts, long-term projects, and demand predictions. Improve service automation by creating A to Z processes for client support, issues, and product issues across departments. Use pre-built objects, processes, and frameworks for manufacturing & speed up automation with no-code tools. 

Financial Services Cloud – For all businesses that are in the finance sector, this is a tool that is needed to improve productivity and efficiency. With this cloud based tool, Scale up fast to provide loan relief, offer advice, and quicker settlement of insurance claims. Get quick access to client information in a centralized location so mundane tasks can be given less priority and client delight put at the heart of the operations,  Being compatible with all types of electronic devices including cell phones, advisors/consultants or employees can up their game. 

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