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Jul 18, 2022 06:51 AM

Small and medium sized companies with limited resources often don’t feel the need to onboard specialised software for specific departments or specific industries. They don’t realise the value these tools bring with them. In this blog, we are looking at Salesforce Sales Cloud and the value they bring to Sales team in companies with their state of the art technology. 

Here are the main reasons for SMBs to deploy  Salesforce Sales Cloud: 

  • Enhance client service – Salesforce Sales cloud helps small and medium size businesses keep information pertaining to leads & clients in a centralised place. With the entire history of each individual accessible to all team’s anytime anywhere, informed engagement is at hand which leads to enhanced client servicing. 

  • Convert more leads into sales - With a great software solution by your side, your pipeline will be replete with prospects with the hottest leads highlighted thanks to lead scoring. This enables the sales personnel to focus their energy on hot leads that will be most likely to convert. Thereafter focus on other leads that should be nurtured ideally. 

  • Improve productivity of your small team – With Sales Cloud automating a host of processes and workflows that are mundane & repetitive, the employees can be spared the monotony and channelise their energy in more meaningful & valuable tasks for the company. Thus, the company can manage the sales work without the need to hire more personnel. 

  • Get detailed data – Detailed data on performance, trends and forecasts that allow for companies to analyse their work and take remedial actions if need be. Change of strategy and tack is now longer a delayed option.  Real time and holistic data are on the fingertips with a few clicks of the mouse. 

These are some of the features in  Salesforce Sales Cloud that makes it unique: 

  • Reporting tools – A host of reporting options in the form of eye catching graphs & charts are at hand. All are based on real – time data. You can view them anytime anywhere and get insights into performance as well as trends. Data is at the core of strategy & action and  Salesforce Sales Cloud has strong reporting abilities. 

  • Collaboration tools – These tools enable all teams in the company to work together & collaborate. No more silos or working at cross purposes. Whether it is chat or sharing a document, all is now easy. Productivity shoots up and the company benefits. 

  • Integration with other software – The Sales Cloud can be linked to other apps & software used by a company for various processes such as marketing or billing. Therefore, an employee does not need to switch back and forth between screens. Time is saved and efficiency optimised. At the end of the day, a detailed history of each lead / client is available thanks to integration.

    Sales Cloud enables small firms to handle every aspect of the sales cycle & sales process. This includes prospect searching, assist sales teams nourish those prospects, creating orders, handling bills & payments, and improving workflows for sales personnel etc. 

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