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Mar 31, 2023 07:04 AM

“ Whatsapp connects people and businesses anywhere and anytime” – Quote by Rahul Ray, Chief Marketing Officer of Codleo Consulting.

More people are now onboarding the instant messaging app – Whatsapp say Salesforce partners. Initially driven by the population of India, it has amassed over 2 billion accounts so far and the number is just rising. This phenomenal membership has become a lucrative tool for businesses, consumers, and tech companies. Everyone wants to use it in some way or another other reveal Salesforce partners. Salesforce Inc has been for some years adding it to the list of tech tools that can be integrated easily with its many cloud-based products. WhatsApp will provide communication via WhatsApp Business Platform API, a service that Meta has been providing business gratis since last year to increase their reach of WhatsApp business integrations. The cloud-based service provides a valuable holistic experience that aids simple & scalable business processes.

  • Salesforce with WhatsApp for Service – This integration will enable providers to churn consistent & customized messaging. Engage using audio & video files, list messages, buttons, stickers, and emojis. WhatsApp for Service can be used via Digital Engagement, the add-on for Service Cloud, plus Salesforce’s Contact Center for Communications, a component under the Communications Cloud. For more info, Call Codleo the Salesforce partner.

  • Salesforce with WhatsApp for Marketing – Businesses can engage with clients via WhatsApp to send marketing messages based on their unique interests & requirements. WhatsApp message activities can be found on Journey Builder – the Marketing Cloud’s visual campaign canvas. WhatsApp for Marketing Rich Media collates the rich media marketing outputs with the client service personnel service. Clients can contact via the same thread, allowing for conversations to be consistent & seamless. Codleo is among the leading Salesforce partners.

Mr. RS Maan, Managing Director of Codleo Consulting Salesforce partners says “Whatsapp and Salesforce stronger ties bode well for consumers and businesses. Consumers want businesses to be everywhere, and the comprehensive integrations are testimony to the voices from the ground being heard. The ties will get deeper, and everyone will be a winner at the end of the day”.

Demand for WhatsApp is rising year on year confirming Salesforce partners. Therefore, the demand for linking it with other business tools & specific use cases will be the norm in the years to come. Do you use WhatsApp? Is your business integrating its various tools with Whatsapp for business? If not, don’t you think it’s time to do so and be the winner all the way to the bank? Contact us - Salesforce partners, for a quick call to discuss the same and more for your business’s digital makeover.

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