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Jun 01, 2023 01:44 PM

“Good customer service begins at the top. If your senior people don’t get it, even the strongest links further down the line can become compromised.” —  Quote by Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group.

Commerce Cloud​ is the premier B2C (business to client) and B2B (business to business) commerce solution. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce software that allows businesses to design intelligent, consolidated buying experiences via different channels — cell phone, social media, internet, and store. These days shoppers are looking beyond products and services. They want wow experiences. As per a Salesforce survey, over 80% of shoppers say the experience is as critical as its products or services. And whether shopping on the web or in a store, or a mix of the two paths, audiences want a seamless, linked experience. Also, 75% of the respondents demand consistent interactions irrespective of the departments say Salesforce companies.

With Commerce Cloud and Salesforce companies, companies can:

  • Create & optimise e-Commerce sites that fuel conversion. 

  • Synchronise the web and in-store experience.

  • Engage with audiences in their preferred places like social media channels.

  • Efficient management of products and orders. 

In brief, Commerce Cloud allows businesses whether in B2C or B2B to save time & costs – while letting them provide customised & seamless experiences audience’s demand. Commerce Cloud is ideal for businesses who are exploring direct-to-customer options or an old hand at eCommerce, looking to be a lean & mean operating machine. 

Below are some reasons why companies seeking to do online business should opt for Commerce Cloud as per Salesforce companies:

  • The Salesforce brand is a trusted and recognised brand. Businesses are using different products of Salesforce and trust it. It could be a mom-and-pop store in Louisville, Kentucky, or a fabric store seeking to expand within North Dakota. The comfort of Salesforce products makes it a natural choice for anyone using the Salesforce platform and using the services of Salesforce companies.
  • Ideal to meet the needs of shoppers and their changing expectations.  We are living in a fast-moving era. What is hot and trending today is the garbage of tomorrow. Consumers' needs and expectations are not static. They are constantly changing. Businesses & retailers must be ready to handle any situation. Commerce Cloud is the tool of change, scale, and pivot as per need & evolution reveal by Salesforce companies.
  • Highly customisable as per business requirements. Coming as it does as part of the Salesforce universe, which is renowned for its highly customisable products, Commerce Cloud can be molded as per the needs & challenges of business.
  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Leverage the same to increase sales and ROI. Businesses can provide smart, data-led suggestions thanks to a person’s shopping behaviour. Receiving meaningful suggestions will aid the conversion to confirm Salesforce companies. Plus, intuitive selling is useful for increasing the number of goodies in the shopping basket. Learn from big e-tailers like Amazon and so on say Salesforce companies. 

If you are a business seeking to make it big in the eCommerce sector, a good tech stack that includes the Commerce Cloud is what’s needed. Consult with us as Salesforce companies and let us provide you with a great bouquet of tech tools to make you shine.

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