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Aug 04, 2022 10:28 AM

“I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.” ~  Quote by Alan Greenspan, noted American economist. 

Welcome back to the final part of our 3 blog series on “ 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Salesforce Consultant “. This is a crucial topic that deserves this attention. We hope that the previous 2 parts of the blogs ( where we listed 4 things in each ) were handy. Finding the right Salesforce Consultancy is not rocket science but useful guidance is always welcome. May I be right or am I right? 

The 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring a Salesforce Consultant are: 
  • Check if they have a large team. It’s essential that any Salesforce consultancy has a large team of experienced & certified personnel. This is non-negotiable. Companies like Codleo have 100% certified Salesforce personnel which is growing with time as the company scales. Any business would like to see its work/project or Salesforce consultancy wrapped up in time. If a company has limited personnel; your project is bound to suffer. This is nothing new we are saying. Ask the shortlisted Salesforce consultancy companies about the Salesforce personnel on their payroll and their level of certification. The more the merrier for you. They should have enough people to fill in in case their team members quit / re-assigned or were indisposed. 

  • Visit their websites and social media channels. Doing a background check on the potential Salesforce consultancy partner includes visiting their website as well as screening their social media channels. Websites are calling cards and reveal a lot about a company, its worth, its work, and its legacy as well as its values & culture. You can see if their values & culture align with yours. Make sure you appoint someone to do this check and report back to you. It will help you to be selective in hiring. 

The 10 things we spoke about in the blog topic are over. But as we would like to give more nuggets of information to our lovely readers, here is a bonus tip from our side to you. 

  • Check for the customer satisfaction score ( CSAT in brief ). Ask all potential Salesforce consultancy partners to reveal their CSAT score that is ready for the asking at any time. This reveals how valued is their brand and their work.  Salesforce consultancy companies like Codleo come with a 4.9 / 5 score because of their hard work, innovation, best practices, diligence, and schedules. It’s not easy to get such a high ranking. 

These things/tips help businesses (small, big, and in any domain ) to select the company that is just right for them. It could be in terms of budget, expertise, location, best practices, etc. Let us know by writing to us which criteria are used or were used by you in your partner selection. Till we meet again, take care, and be safe and healthy. Namaste! 

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