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Oct 09, 2023 11:22 AM

The lack of adequate representation of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) has been a big cause of concern to governments globally. The elements of innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking that diversity brings to the table are absent if 50% of the population goes underrepresented. This is especially true in India, where the figures are quite abysmal. Salesforce Inc., the global leader in customer relationship management tools, is aware of this unfortunate situation. In 2022, Salesforce Inc. decided to reach a target of 40% women-identifying & non-binary staff globally by 2026. This is in line with their established ESG targets. Diversity in the workplace is not just about hiring. It’s about a welcoming and nourishing environment, as confirmed by Salesforce Implementation Services partners. Below are some steps that Salesforce Implementation Services partners can do at their end to increase the representation of women and other underrepresented sections:

  1. Equal pay for equal work. The days when women were unpaid are long over. Be it in sports or STEM, women who are talented, hardworking, and educated deserve the same pay scale as their male peers.  The same applies to religion, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, age, and so on. All companies, such as those in Salesforce Implementation Services need to ensure that this is normal. Salesforce Inc. has taken big steps on this front, and it is only right that their global partners are in consonance.

  2. Gender inclusive benefits. These can include period leaves, fixed leaves after miscarriage, as well as a menstruation kit in the office. This enables women to work despite challenges and contribute to the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem and their employers in Salesforce Implementation Services.

  3. Hybrid model of work. Since most companies would like their employees back in the office part-time, if not full-time, the hybrid model of work (a few days in the office + a few days at home) is the right way to go. This enables women with families, elderly relatives, or differently abled folks at home to juggle both work and their commitments. At Codleo, as a Salesforce Implementation Services firm, this is enabled as the situation demands and on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Inclusive environment at work. It’s incumbent on all companies, including Salesforce Implementation Services partners to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for all. It provides a wholesome ambiance for employees to work, grow, and thrive as professionals and human beings.  There needs to be a strict policy on harassment, bullying, discrimination, abuse, and so on. In Codleo, Salesforce Implementation Services, we have zero tolerance for the same. It's the immediate termination of the guilty party after an investigation.

  5. Maternity Leave: India has a very progressive maternity leave policy. All companies in India, including Salesforce Implementation Services partners, must adhere to this policy. It invokes 6 months of leave in total.

Codleo- Salesforce Implementation Services is committed to increasing its workforce of women. Currently, 20% of the organisation is composed of ladies in different departments, ranging from HR, sales, and digital marketing to admins and developers within the Salesforce domain. The aim is to increase it organically.

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