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Nov 07, 2022 12:01 PM

Have you ever tried to onboard Salesforce and had to abandon the project midway or even after deployment? If yes, then this blog is for you. It’s also for those companies who are looking to onboard the world’s number 1 CRM for maximising efficiency & productivity with Salesforce companies. Read this blog and learn about the many pitfalls that you need to avoid when beginning this project or even at the gestation process. Happy reading. 

These are the main reasons why your Salesforce project is failing: 

  • Business objectives not defined. As with everything that is work related, the end goals of the project / task or work must be clear. This applies when onboarding Salesforce CRM or any of the other cloud offerings with Salesforce companies. A clear vision and goal is a pre-requisite to success. This needs meticulous planning and transparent communication with all stakeholders invested in the project. Ensure that goals are clear measurable, practical, relevant, and wrapped up in timelines. This strategy helps companies to know what goals are important, how they can be measured and if you are on the right track to success. 

  • Mixed business strategies. Vague CRM strategies can end up leading to confusion and derailment of the project & the goals that were highlighted. Therefore, do the right thing. Be clear regarding the business strategy to get the project on course all the time. It’s the time to involve all teams that will benefit and have them on board to brainstorm.  More heads mean wholesome strategy and that in the end means a successful project implementation. Ask for Salesforce companies. 

  • No support from management. Its important for the top management of the company to support the project. If they not in it or convinced of its merit, they may not support or pull their weight. This could lead to the project being abandoned. The sole reason being executive disconnect. Solution -Have the management involved from he very beginning and updated consistently.  Have an executive sponsor, someone who is C-suite level, who is aligned with the idea and will back it all the way when implementing with Salesforce companies. 
  • Budget and cost cuts. Projects can fail on two accounts. You overshoot your budget with changes etc, or your miscalculations have led to an underestimation of the budget needed for the project success. Either way it’s an oops moment say Salesforce companies. When budgeting for the project, be practical, focused on objectives, and be prepared for modifications in the scope etc as the project moves forward. Its good to keep an additional 10-15 % for any budget spikes. With this you are sorted, and failure is miles away reveal Salesforce companies. 

  • Data is erroneous. If the data is incomplete, wrong, or duplicative, it can only lead to failure. Data must be clean and organised always confirm Salesforce companies. This is the responsibility of the management and the project manager. To avoid data related chaos, the data entry task must be made simple for all users. Be clear on the needed fields, enable auto-population, and impose validation rules for right data entry. Clean data before migrating it to Salesforce. This is a must Salesforce companies.  

Are on the above reasons why your project in the past has failed? Or did they fail on account of other reasons? Do let us know so we can share with the wider community. Thank you for reading our blog and contact us if looking for Salesforce companies. 


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