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Sep 10, 2022 12:29 PM

Retention of customers in a highly competitive market is the top priority for any business. The business could be an organic toiletries start-up in Mexico, a behavioral agency in Michigan or a gourmet pizza chain in Nevada. Every company realises thanks to Covid-19 pandemic that difficult times are always around the corner. Plus, they come unannounced. It is therefore in their best interest to adopt all measures to withstand any rough periods in the future. The foremost step any business can take is to digitally reimagine themselves with a tech stack that is future - ready. Here is where Salesforce with a CRM, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud come in and play a big role. Deploying tech tools via Salesforce companies is the best way to do so. In this blog, we reveal why small or boutique Salesforce companies like Codleo is your best bet in the Salesforce project. 

  1. Pocket Friendly. It is widely acknowledged that small / boutique Salesforce companies are economical on the pocket as compared to the larger companies. With lesser overheads and infrastructure costs to pass onto the clients in the form of hefty fees, they are right for businesses especially those who are small & medium scale.  Wouldn’t you want quality service at prices that meet your financial outlays? 

  2. Quality results. As small or boutique Salesforce companies need to prove themselves, they ensure that their works speaks for itself. They take all measures needed to deliver the finest quality of work. This makes working with them a pleasure as compared to dealing with large companies where your project may not be qualitative in its outcomes. 

  3. Your business if given top priority. For small Salesforce companies, every business is valuable. So, your work is always assigned top priority.  Never on a slow burner as it might be with larger partners who have multiple projects and may assign you lesser value as it may not be big in terms of scale & costs. Isn’t this a reason to assign the work to smaller Salesforce companies? 

  4. Delivery is on schedule. With all resources working full time on your project in small Salesforce companies, delivery generally happens on time as agreed upon. This is unless there are delays on part of the client or any speed breakers surface without warning. 

  5. Involvement of management in the project. The seniors / management of these Salesforce companies are always involved in every project. They give their inputs & suggestions based on their rich experience. This leads to usage of best practices and out of box solutions that work in the favour of the businesses (that is you).  

Codleo Consulting offers you a comprehensive range of services that will put the zing back into your business. Our rich portfolio of clients and projects is a testimony to the same. We offer you a tech stack that is just right for you and will set you up for a bright tomorrow.

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