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Sep 20, 2022 07:38 AM

Social media is a double-edged sword, say Salesforce Consulting Partners. It is an image maker and an image destroyer. Social media platforms abound, with the major ones being Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the professional networking site LinkedIn. These sites allow businesses to spread the good word about themselves to lakhs of people worldwide. It allows people to engage with and talk about your business. Marketing for free. Isn’t that a good idea, say Salesforce Consulting Partners? Monitoring of social media is therefore imperative to respond to clients/audiences. Social media monitoring is defined as keeping abreast of web conversations. You can see what people are saying about your brand and its offerings (products or services). It’s a good way to see the impact made by the marketing team. 

A brand needs to keep a sharp eye on social media and the company’s priorities; they know which keywords are vital and how much investment is required to be impactful. Social media marketing can help you with the following, as per Salesforce Consulting Partners

  • Discovering your client base and their needs 

  • Seek influencers and brand advocates, leading to collaboration 

  • Engage with clients to build your social brand 

  • Respond to good and bad feedback 

  • Respond to any queries pertaining to your business 

How does one start the journey of social media monitoring? It begins with listing the keywords that need to be monitored, revealing Salesforce Consulting Partners. Based on your objectives, a business monitors conversations about its brand, offerings, industry, and rivals. Keep an eye on the performance of keywords of marketing campaigns or phrases used by those looking to become paying clients. Many of these social sites employ search features like # or @ that make it quicker for you to get results for your keywords.  

Even if you are present only on a few chosen social media sites, you need to have a team that is keeping an eye on all social media sites. You don’t know who is talking about you. It could be Yelp, blogs, or Reddit. The number of social media channels is increasing and catering to various segments of the audience. Unfortunately, monitoring the same is tough not the least because of the costs involved. Get advice from Salesforce Partners

It’s a good suggestion to be consistent with the social media monitoring affirm Salesforce Consulting Partners. Conversations can happen anytime. So, unless you master your game and ace it, you will lose the race and opportunities. We also advise brands to onboard social monitoring tools. These let businesses keep track of a list of keywords on different platforms, in a centralized place, with live updates & analytics. One such tool is Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its Social Studio, which play a valuable role for Salesforce Consulting Partners. 

Knowledge is king, and it surely is helpful with social media monitoring. Once you are plugged into social media conversations, you are empowered.  In our next blog, we shall carry forward our conversation on social media monitoring as Salesforce Consulting Partners. It’s a fascinating topic, and we are happy to talk about it in detail. 



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