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May 18, 2023 06:27 AM

"Solve customer problems and make sure that the customer is representative of a large market and then you will have a pretty good formula." – Quote by Melanie Perkins

The salesforce universe is always in a “continuous” mode with the new releases, tools, features, functions, products, and career paths being presented eagerly to an enthusiastic and growing audience. In this blog, we are taking a peek into a new certificate launched by the Salesforce team in the USA – A sales representative. The certification is a great place to gain entry as a sales personnel. Discover an interesting even if it is a high-pressure career path, and the platform itself. Like the other newly introduced Associate certification for those working in a Salesforce consultancy, this certificate also doesn’t require direct experience with Salesforce to sit for the exam. It is however suggested that a person have some experience (a few months to years) to be able to ace the exam with experience and knowledge.

Salesforce in its ongoing mission to expand the career path under its umbrella had released the Business Analyst & Strategy Designer certificates which, call for a minimum of 1-2 years of Salesforce platform experience, adding to the many career possibilities for Salesforce experts working in Salesforce consultancy. The Sales Representative certification is a diversification of its portfolio and one meant for sales personnel who are the lifeline for any business and its survival. Everyone opts for a particular line and certification for different reasons, the Sales Representative certification is a new step in the Salesforce ecosystem. Besides the Salesblazer community, it offers best practices & resources, and an opportunity for sales personnel in a Salesforce consultancy to showcase their merit.

The Sales Representative certification is broad-based covering topics as diverse as relationship building, closing deals, forecasting, and pipeline creation – within a client-centric methodology.

There are 6 sections in the Sales Representative cert exam  as per Salesforce consultancy:

  • ·         Planning: 21%
  • ·         Customer Engagement: 15%
  • ·         Deal Management: 37%
  • ·         Pipeline Management: 12%
  • ·         Forecasting: 6%
  • ·         Customer Success: 9%

You can take the help of the relevant trail mix to prepare for the exam.

To begin the certificate, log in or create a Trailhead account and start studying via the Salesforce Certified Sales Representative Credential Trailmix.

Once done, get a Webassessor account to buy, schedule, and take the certification. The exam value is 200 USD + tax, and you can opt to take the test in a designated center or in the comfort of your home/office if you are working for a Salesforce consultancy

Once you have been certified, you can then work on becoming an authority on Salesforce Sales Cloud. These two combined certificates and experience prove to be invaluable for any sales maestro in the making. In a Codleo Salesforce consultancy, our sales team which is small is making sure all certifications in the sales field are notched up by them.

Mr Rahul Ray, Head – Training department of Codleo says “As a Salesforce consultancy, Codleo is very firm on certificates and knowledge of all its employees. We encourage learning, growth, and development. The sales representative certificate is another certificate we will get for our sales team as its important for a Salesforce consultancy”.

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