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Nov 15, 2022 07:04 AM

Omnistudio is a bouquet of digital marketing tools that dumb down the curation of complicated vertical wise experiences on Salesforce according to Salesforce partners. These configuration led tools allow designers to build a directed brand experience like a flow, with the UI & styling flexibility of Lightning Web Components ( also known as LWC ). Administrators & developers can sync information into these experiences from Salesforce & different enterprise apps via drag-and-drop ETL ( extract, transform, and load ) capabilities. This is an important development for businesses seeking low code platforms for building smart & engaging experiences.

Omnistudio has 4 components as per Salesforce partners:

  • FlexCards – They offer information in an easy-view screen & access to concerned tasks for the clients. These components offer simple to use starting & ending points for client transactions by summing up the relevant data for a given transaction in a centralised place. With the help of the drag-and-drop builder, designers can build layouts & style information from different sources for use on any device or medium. FlexCards are repeatable, enabling users to show many records of information in a consistent series of stylized cards. Users may embed FlexCards inside OmniScripts to supply contextual data or execute sub processes for users as they go through its steps. Codleo is best among Salesforce partners.

  • OmniScripts - An OmniScript is a conducted experience that guides users through complicated professional processes. with its drag-and-drop editor, app builders can curate smooth client experiences in different verticals. It differentiates itself from flows by contributing with more flexibility & a greater number of styling options building a modern design. Within an OmniScript, designers can choose from several diverse types of elements to build their script reveal Salesforce partners.

  • DataRaptors - A DataRaptor is a declarative mapping tool that lets users to read, edit, and change information in Salesforce. It allows administrators to show & save info without writing any Apex. DataRaptors act as the main way to engineer information in OmniStudio. The 4 types of DataRaptors are: Turbo Extract – As the name suggest it quickly recovers information from one Salesforce object. Extract – Recovers information from multiple Salesforce objects. Load – Saves information to one or many Salesforce objects. Transform – Engineers information offered from Salesforce or different sources.  For more information, contact Codleo Salesforce partners.

  • Integration Procedures - Integration Procedures are processes that read & edit info from Salesforce or from outside apps. These server-side apps enable designers to design complicated information modifications without writing any code. Integration Procedures supply information to both inside sources such as FlexCards, OmniScripts, and SObjects, and to outside sources such as APIs, email, and DocuSign.

Codleo as the finest among the Salesforce partners is your ideal partner to implement OmniStudio. Contact Codleo Salesforce partners for more information.


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