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Dec 15, 2023 01:06 PM

“Codleo has a CSAT score of 4.9/5” – Quote by the Managing Director of Codleo Consulting.

With half the clients stating bad service experiences as a top reason for opting for alternate brands, it’s important to get clarity on how clients feel about your business. As some of us already know, customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a good performance indicator among service professionals, with over 70% of companies relying on it to measure success. However, measuring CSAT — let alone improving it — is not a piece of cake. In our blog of today, we explore the various facets of CSAT.

A customer satisfaction score is akin to a summarized report card of a company, with clients judging and ranking our performance.  The scores are usually received via surveys that ask clients to score products or services on a numeric scale. CSAT is an important measurement of client satisfaction.  Delighted clients are happy to refer clients and talk positively on social media while unhappy clients can drag a company down. To measure client satisfaction properly, businesses may conduct surveys via any channel — such as email, SMS, or social media. Following an engagement or a sale, ask simple questions such as, “How happy are you with our goods or service?” or “How do you feel about the service you received?” Ideally, CSAT scores are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 symbolizing the highest level of satisfaction.

Ideally, a score above 70% is judged to be a decent client satisfaction score, while a bad score is 50% or less. The average CSAT score across different domains is 75%, but it can differ based on industry, goods, service, and client base.

Pros of CSAT score:

  • CSAT surveys are brief and simple.
  • CSAT surveys reveal where things are going right or wrong.
  • Using CSAT scores combined with NPS and CES reveals a detailed picture of client sentiment & loyalty. 
  • Monitoring CSAT scores reveals client trends that may not show up in individual survey responses alone. 
  • Comparing your own performance against industry standards can provide a benchmark for measuring your success or failure in terms of customer satisfaction.

Your journey to good client service begins with CSAT measurement. It’s always going to be “work in progress” for companies seeking to win the hearts of their audience.  By continuously monitoring, modifying, and optimising client service strategy, businesses discover insights into the client experience — and how to ensure customer delight for years to come.  

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