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Feb 20, 2023 10:13 AM

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

–  Quote by Sam Walton, Founder of the Walmart chain of stores.

Customers are king and we all know that we need to cater to them in order to scale and be a successful brand. This can only happen if we as brands take customer satisfaction/client delight seriously. If you do, then good for you. But you also need quantifiable metrics that give you valuable insights. To this end as Salesforce companies, we have listed some ways to measure customer delight. Read on to know what they are.

Here are the top ways to measure client delight as per Salesforce companies:

  • Review client experience KPIs.  These include Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Average Resolution Time (ART), and so on. These give you an idea of how your company is faring well in the eyes of the clients and leads. Leveraging a single source of truth, like the Salesforce Customer 360, can help you collate customer satisfaction data from different sources and create custom metrics in seconds. This is info gleaned from Salesforce companies.

  • Obtain client feedback directly from them. There are many ways to obtain customer feedback or satisfaction stated by Salesforce companies. These include surveys/polls/questionnaires/calls or face-to-face meetings. These need to be pointed out and well-curated. They should be able to elicit concrete information that helps in planning and meaningful action. Do you take regular feedback from your clients (past and present)? If not, why not start the process today?

  • Study the turnover of the client. If you have received feedback from former clients or some who are on their way out, then it is a great learning exercise. If you have obtained feedback verbally or written, use it to course correct say Salesforce companies. Better late than never. By reviewing client turnover information – average churn period, channels with major turnover, categories that result in more clients quitting, etc.  – reveals valuable data that can help companies change, their services/products, processes, or workflows.

  • Support tickets & emerging trends. It's important to study support queries/tickets that come to you. They can provide valuable information on what’s going wrong and how things can be improved.  If certain requests are becoming regular means they are becoming a trend, then it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Studying trends means course correction is possible. And the volume of support tickets of recurring issues can be reduced if not eliminated.  Are you doing it Only bright alert companies have teams to study the same say Salesforce companies. Why not do the same and win customer hearts & minds say Salesforce companies?

  • Be vigilant on social media. Social media is where people are now more than ever. This is especially true of young people. Since they are big spenders and a chunk of your future consumers, its time to be careful on the messaging. Beware of your brand mentions ( positive or negative ) . Address issues, be polite, and be consistent. Have a team to be proactive on social media. They should monitor your social media channels daily as well as brand mentions on various platforms. This enables quick action and stems any negative mentions that surface. Contact Codleo Salesforce companies.

Let us help you in measuring client satisfaction,  call Codleo - Salesforce companies for a quick discovery call virtually.

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