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Jan 24, 2024 09:57 AM

All of the IT content last year and as far as I can see this year will be abuzz with AI-related topics and themes. And we are no different. In today’s article, we look at the different ways AI is going to make an impact in the education sector, school, or college level. These are exciting times that will change the way we study, live, and work. Let’s see some of these ways that we as Salesforce companies, feel our lives will be changed by Artificial Intelligence.

Below are the top ways AI will impact the education sector as per Salesforce companies:

  1. AI students are helping teachers refine their teaching techniques. In England, an organization that focuses on teacher support is creating a program that enables teachers to practice with AI “students.” The simulations are created to assist teachers enhance their skills and acquire confidence, thanks to both Artificial Intelligence and human coaches. This way teachers can practice their dialogue delivery, teaching style, and the many soft skills needed to be good educators. It’s not only about knowing your subject but also the communication skills needed to make an impact. This will eventually permeate to different industry verticals shortly to be “practice buddies”.

  2. AI fuelled coaching for success. The future is in the creation of an AI-powered tool with customised suggestions that help educators serve students from marginalised areas. With predictive and generative AI, creating an AI layer to improve & customise services at scale is on. Building a knowledge base for educators with customised guidance & forecasting supplemental services and journeys of excellence for students. India and developing countries should leverage this to serve rural, isolated, and developing districts. Imagine the reach, imagine the future.

  3. Converting staff into data scientists. Companies and NGOs will start harnessing generative AI via smart tools. Companies will be able to increase their reach by improving their feedback mechanisms, data reporting, and visibility on student learning, thanks to the help provided by Salesforce companies.

  4. Generative AI Curriculum Vitae for Employment Seekers. Changing skills needed from one vertical to another is tough, and a tough challenge that is faced by the management and students in higher education institutes as they upskill or reskill. This is where generative AI is being used to curate relevant and smartly worded CVs.  These are personalised to suit a learner’s experience and the role that they are considering.

  5. A personal career coach is coming soon. AI’s avatar as a Career Coach will provide access to career counseling for millions annually. With customised coaching for young people, the AI Career Coach has a range of career activities such as generating CVs, interpreting job vacancies, supporting via mock interviews, and so on. For more information on AI and Salesforce, Call Codleo -   Salesforce companies.

For more on AI and your business transformation, call Codleo the leader in Salesforce companies. We will help you and your students have the wholesome and superior experience that you deserve. Have a good day.

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