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Dec 15, 2022 08:11 AM

"You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day." –Quote by Marian Wright Edelman, American civil rights activist.

Hello and welcome back to our blog on the top takeaways of the current sales scenario.  We hope you enjoyed reading the 1st part on this topic and are geared up to learn more via this blog. So, let’s get down to it.

  • Focus on building long term relationship with clients. Sales personnel are saying that their leadership in companies are encouraging the shift in approach. From seeing clients as short term deals or “one time purchasers“, they are now approaching clients to forge lifelong relations. Strong ties lead to the clients becoming brand ambassadors, be loyal to the brand as well as enhance opportunities of upselling or cross selling. This involves a shift in mindset and strategy. It also means salespeople become friends who address issues & solve problems. Onboard Salesforce Sales Cloud with Codleo Salesforce companies.
  • Small budgets mean unable to add new members to the team. In some companies, budgets of sale department are tight. This means that they don’t have the budget to onboard more members. Burden and stress are on the rise confirm Salesforce companies. More work for a smaller team leads to mental & emotional health issues. Therefore, the vacancies in sales departments are always existing as well as most job postings in newspapers or job portals. Isn’t it time to change this? Nurturing of existing team members must be a priority state Salesforce companies. More benefits, work – life balance as well digital tools to empower them.

  • Management mentors the team say Salesforce companies. Coaching / mentoring preferably on a 1 on 1 basis is on the rise. This is important to groom & provide learning opportunities. This may not happen always as lots need to be packed in tight schedules. This can also take the form of shadowing of seniors by juniors as done in Codleo Salesforce companies.

  • Target meeting is tough reveal Salesforce companies. Only 1 in 3 sales personnel are saying that they are able to meet targets set before them. In the current scenario and with the possibility of a slowdown, people and companies are tightening their belts. In this scenario, the company and the management are more understanding and offering support.

We hope that the key takeaways related to sales personnel and sales process is of help to you as we head into unchartered waters in the years to come. Learn more about the super-duper Sales Cloud from Salesforce companies like Codleo.

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