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Dec 13, 2022 05:55 AM

“Sales enablement can’t be reactive. It has to be a full-blown strategy that’s woven into the fabric of the company.” – Quote by Roderick Jefferson.

In a recent survey conducted among sales personnel, some interesting takeaways have emerged. It has been a fascinating read and we are here to share the same with you. These takeaways are not only for sales personnel, Salesforce companies but also the top management / C level suite of leaders in all industries. Let’s read what these pertinent takeaways are and you will find some of them very surprising. I did for sure.

  • Aversion to risk taking. More than 65% of sales heads are saying that in the current scenario they are playing it safe. No more playing dangerously for them or their companies. No more high risk strategies say Salesforce companies. Time and tested methods & approach that worked in the past are being deployed. Low risk strategies are gaining favour in the post pandemic world.

  • Focus on selling has reduced in the past few years. With attention of sales personnel on a range of tasks that are not “ direct selling “, the time spent on sales process is down. Sales personnel spend a lot of their time on doing essential backend work such maintaining logs – data, data entry and so forth. Less time on sales process means less conversion. It’s time for sales personnel to adopt the Salesforce Sales Cloud via Salesforce companies so that the zing is back in sales teams. For more on this cloud, contact Codleo Salesforce companies.

  • Too many sales related tech tools in companies. The complaint of sales teams (not confined to Salesforce companies) that they have a range of tech tools. It’s not making life simple. In fact, it is having the opposite impact. Spending time on them is cutting into the time they would have spent on contacting & nurturing potential clients known as leads in sales parlance. Plus, they also add to the overall overhead cost of the company. This complaint has come from 2 in 3 sales personnel in a survey reveal Salesforce companies. Time to weed out some software and focus on the real vital ones say Salesforce companies.

  • Consolidation of tech tools is on the agenda. This is with reference to the above point. Companies and sales team are now “woke” to the team of sieving their tech stack to make it relevant & affordable. CRM is hot on everyone’s mind while other tech tools seem to be dispensable say Salesforce companies.

  • Artificial Intelligence is an asset. The fear among many people that AI as Artificial Intelligence is a job stealer is being replaced with a positive idea. They are now viewing AI as a commendable ally in their quest for glory. Artificial intelligence (AI), in combination with automation, eliminates tasks such as updating deal records & assigning priority to prospects, thus giving sales personnel time and energy to focus on the core task of sales process.

That’s all for today, folks. We are back with the 2nd part of this two part blog very soon. We hope the pointers listed above has been a value read for you. See you soon.

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