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Sep 16, 2022 09:36 AM

Business Analysts have found a good ally to get their work done smartly. It is none other than our very own Salesforce and Salesforce partners. This comprehensive CRM has many in-built tools that are useful for BAs say Salesforce partners. Our blog of today lists some of them. How many of these are you familiar with? 

These are the top Salesforce tools that every Business Analyst must have in their kitty as per Salesforce partners: 

  • Salesforce org health check. It is a great tool for evaluating the present condition of your instance with respect to best practices for security configuration & protocol. The Org Health Check is built to give preference to actionable items in the Salesforce org by severity. The Salesforce Org Health Check is good to be used as a KPI the company. It can be put into use on a regular basis with key takeaways utilised for better work. This analysis should include the following questions: What are the vital items that the health check highlighted? What could be the consequences of not fixing those issues? After this exercise, next is action items to fix troublesome items, especially the ones that keep surfacing and items those that are very risky. The BA needs to collaborate with the project team to ensure that these issues are resolved in the most optimal way without impeding with functionality or usage of the org in a Production environment. BAs work in Salesforce partners as well. 

  • Salesforce optimiser. The Salesforce Optimiser is designed as an app, with records created each time it is executed. The Optimizer’s main function is to scan your org and locate places where the functionality is not being used or can be enhanced. The Optimizer measures areas in your org such as fields, storage, page layouts, and user management among others. It’s a good way to start the process of increasing value to the business via the prevention of feature loss and the removal of technical debt. The Optimizer, like the Org Health Check, is a great tool to utilize on a regular basis. Again, after the analysis, there need to be action items to correct troubling items, especially repeat offenders and items that are deemed high-risk. Coordinate with your project team to make sure these items are resolved in an efficient process that doesn’t interfere with functionality or usage of the org in a Production environment. For more information contact Salesforce partners like Codleo. 

  • Page analyser. Page analyser is a feature present within the Lightning App Builder that studies performance of every page. This KPI is founded on the “Predicted Page Load Time”, which considers the particular configuration of the elements on the Lightning App page. The Page Analyser is the right tool to comprehend and study crucial pages within the Salesforce org acknowledge Salesforce partners. For BAs, it’s important to note when and why to execute the Page Analyser. It helps to run this tool before offering the functionality to users, to prevent any complaints about latency during page navigation or execution of functionality on pages. 

Codleo as top Salesforce partners offers value for money for its wide range of services ( consultancy to support ). 

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