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Jan 22, 2024 01:20 PM

Are you a user of Salesforce products aware of how to leverage the tools to their max? Are there any tips & tricks that can increase your productivity and make life simpler? Of course, there are. This is why we as Salesforce services providers are coming out with a simple list of top Salesforce tips & tricks for 2024 that some of you already know and some will get to know via this blog.

  1. Shortcuts on keyboards. We are all using keyboard shortcuts to get work done a tad bit faster. Aren’t we? Well, the same is extendable to Salesforce as well. Salesforce has a range of keyboard shortcuts that are wow-inducing. They help you create new records, personalise pages, move to varied pages, and so on, thanks to keystrokes. Learn about them, use them, and feel the change. We are happy to help as a salesforce services partner.

  2. Chatter is a robust tool that enables collaboration within a team and an organisation. Users may follow records, groups, and people, allowing people up to speed with crucial news and information. It is also a good medium for communication, file sharing, and collaboration on projects and work.

  3. Reports and dashboards. They are important tools for decision-making and obtaining visibility into the performance of a business. Salesforce has a robust reporting and dashboard feature that enables users to design unique reports & dashboards with the information that most concern them. Use them for strategies, remedial actions, and plans for the future with the help of Codleo’s salesforce services.

  4. Leverage the Salesforce cell phone app.  With Salesforce's cell phone app, work with your CRM data while on the move. Users update records, create opportunities, and view dashboards while going to the airport or working remotely in Pondicherry.  The Salesforce cell phone app is a great ally for Salesforce users.

  5. Migrate to the Lightning version. This is not a tip or a trick. It’s a piece of advice that all Salesforce users who are still using the Classic version need to realise. With all the might of Salesforce Inc. behind the Lightning version with its modern and user-friendly interface, those still using the legacy version are going to be the losers in the long run. Opt for migration now and make Salesforce work wonders for customer engagement and business growth. Codleo salesforce services are ideal for migration services.

  6. Einstein Artificial intelligence. Consider using it this year if not already. Einstein AI is a great feature of Salesforce that allows users to automate tasks, customise suggestions, forecast outcomes, and so on. It is a dynamic tool that uplifts your company to the next level. Helpful for many departments in a business.

  7. Combine shortcuts for increased productivity. This trick involves using many shortcuts consecutively to get tasks done ASAP. It is a time saver says firms providing salesforce services.

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