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Feb 19, 2024 10:07 AM

Delivering superior client experiences calls for the application of certain principles or rules. What are these rules?  Our blog explains in detail the rules for 2024 and winning the hearts of your customers, be it in any type of business, b2b or b2c.

Below are the top rules for superior client experience in 2024 as per Salesforce consultancy companies:

  1. Everyone in the company needs to be customer-centric.  The motto should be “Customer is king”. Client service is a team effort — and not the purview of the customer service team.  While the highly technical cases will be routed to subject experts, however, everyone in the company needs to be invested in this matter.  When everyone is involved and responsible for customer delight, it is then easier to make it happen.  It should be part of the company’s culture and mission says a leading Salesforce consultancy.  For example, with case swarming, complex client issues can be resolved in the first go with knowledge sharing in real-time.

  2. Listen to the customer, and obtain feedback regularly. Engagement with clients is a leading rule of client service and is important in securing their trust, particularly during tough conversations. It begins with active listening — hearing with patience & attention and repeating important elements so they know you have understood. This is an important strategy to make them feel valued and heard. Also keep taking feedback via surveys, questionnaires, forms, etc keeping them simple and easy to do.  This rule makes sure that the team comprehends the client’s concerns, thus the issue(s) can be addressed effectively much to the delight of all.  Get the support team to share feedback with the management regularly, so they can implement improvements says a leading Salesforce consultancy.

  3. Forge client relationships. As most young audiences are now seeing value in self-help mode, companies need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Use AI or not, create a knowledge bank that can be easily accessed and is simply indexed. Customer service chatbots can reply to simple questions and address mundane concerns. This way the team can focus their energy and attention on high-value tasks. Both self-service and live agent support are instrumental in relationship building with clients, as the clients are delighted with superior service. Customise all engagement by ensuring the agents and chatbots communicate with the clients using their preferred name - Rahul or Mr. Ray.

  4. Honest and transparent engagement. They expect their brands of choice to always communicate honestly & transparently. If an issue needs time or expertise for resolution, the same should be communicated proactively. This is valued. It builds trust, respect, and a comfort level. Clear, crisp, and simple language communication. Avoid excuses etc.  It doesn’t help anyone’s cause confirms a Salesforce consultancy.

  5. Empathy rules. Empathy is not limited to being a soft skill for agents but is an important pillar of customer service. Generative AI can be a great tool for curating empathetic engagement by recommending a practical reply to thanks to the client’s available data. If using AI for generating replies, it’s important to make sure that team member customises it to reflect empathy before dispatching it. This shows that there is emotion & understanding from a human being, and not a mechanical response.  Leverage AI to identify language that resonates with the client, for a more customised experience that they will savor. Contact Codleo Salesforce Consultancy to know more.

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