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Jul 31, 2023 11:12 AM

Hello folks. Often, we are asked which are the top-paying careers within the expanding Salesforce multi-verse and among the Best Salesforce Partners. Well, we are listing the same but not mentioning the figures or quantifying the salary, as it’s a subjective matter, as salaries vary from the Best Salesforce Partners to other Best Salesforce Partners. Let’s read about some of the top profiles that are well-paying.

Here is a list of Salesforce-based careers that rake in the moolah, as per the Top Salesforce Partners:

Project Manager: This profile is responsible for managing projects from start to finish. Their main role is to ensure any project’s success with delivery within the timeline & budget as agreed upon. The profile of a Salesforce Project Manager comes with many responsibilities, which include administrative & managerial tasks while working with the Salesforce Global Partners, technical expertise, and other tasks to always keep the project "green.”. This is an important profile that is much in demand and comes with a fat paycheck.

Customer Relationship Management Manager: A CRM Manager and a Salesforce administrator have similar job profiles; a CRM Manager is much more senior & is responsible for bigger and more complex Salesforce implementations. CRM managers have widespread responsibilities, unlike admins: they manage the workings of a team as well as be part of the core team to manage the CRM strategy for the client or the Best Salesforce Partners.

Developer: The professionals who work as developers write software on the platform. They build apps or design websites. Developers' work extends beyond the point-and-click configuration to increase the capabilities of The profile of a developer is far-reaching, from regular code-based programming to fixing the data architecture. They are good at resolving complicated issues by using coding skills, along with the use of no-code Salesforce tools. They are always in demand and command good salaries with the SFDC Partners.

Program Manager: Program Managers have much in common with Project managers, as they both are responsible for the success of Salesforce products. The main difference, however, lies in the fact that programs consist of many projects and there is a connecting thread of business strategy linked to them. The extra layer of complexity needs superior skills & expertise from program managers, and their salaries reflect the same. It is quite a well-paying career for those who wish to work in this line. It is like all high-paying careers demanding and can sap energy.

Solution architect: a fancy term, if I might say so. They are associated with the journey of solving & architecting Salesforce projects. They fuel the solution to fruition by picking the correct product features that increase the business value. A functional consultant manages requirements gathering and designing solutions for smaller projects in the Best Salesforce Partners, Solution architects handle larger and more complicated projects. It can be a multi-cloud project or one whose work incorporates a larger tech stack (not limited to Salesforce multiverse).

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