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Nov 21, 2022 07:40 AM

Hello Folks. Here is a small list of commonly used terms in Salesforce Universe by Salesforce companies. Do you know most of them? Read our blog to know how many of these you are familiar with?

  • Salesforce Apex: It refers to a programming language developers use to curate Software as a Service (SaaS) apps at apex of the Salesforce CRM. Know more terms with Salesforce companies.

  • Salesforce AppExchange: it is Salesforce’s own version of the Google Play Store or Apple. It is home to hundreds of apps, native to Salesforce org, built for business usge. Some paid and some not. Codleo’s own ProjecLeo app built for project management is featured here.

  • Salesforce Connect: Connect is a feature of Salesforce that assists users to effortlessly find information & records that is parked on other systems.

  • DreamForce: DreamForce is a much-awaited annual event of Salesforce Inc and for Salesforce companies. It is a to chance release the latest & greatest products, features, and functionalities that Salesforce wants to showcase. It attracts people connected to Salesforce from round the world. Its exciting. Lots happen in the few days say Salesforce companies.

  • Full Sandbox:  It refers to a mirror of a company or a user’s Salesforce org (existing or proposed) which is a safe place to test, deploy or train people, before moving production to go-live.

  • Salesforce Lightning: It is an upgraded Salesforce org platform with an enhanced user interface. It is home to many features and tools that make for a great user experience. They may not be present in the classic version. This makes the Lightning version so cool.

  • Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud: Both are separate marketing automation platforms designed by Salesforce that are used for marketing teams to get their work done.

  • API: API or application programming interface is a tech tool internal to Salesforce that lets it engage with other systems such as an email tool.

  • Bi-Directional Sync: Bi-Directional Sync is a third source tool that lets another system to gain data & write data to Salesforce.

  • Closed-Loop Reporting: Closed-loop reporting is a function that transfers information about prospects, contacts, etc back to the marketing platform allowing for the data to be studied and insights arrived at.

  • Closed Won Opportunity: Closed Won is an Opportunity status. The Closed Won term symbolises that the Opportunity has ben converted to a paying client with the deal being closed successfully.

  • Formula Field: A formula field in Salesforce is like a cell in Excel. The field relies on an equation formula to fill the information that is shown. The equation can obtain data from other fields to display its findings.

  • Lead Scoring: Lead scoring is a marketing platform feature that allocates a numeral representation to a prospect to show how “hot” that prospect is. Scoring criteria can be personalised for different businesses. Codleo is best among Salesforce companies.

  • Object: An Object is defined as a record within Salesforce. Accounts, prospects, opportunities, etc are all examples of Salesforce objects. Volumes of objects may be joined as per business needs.

  • Opportunity: An object that depicts a possible sale is deemed an Opportunity in Salesforce. The fine details are included in this object to simplify it for the sales personnel who will use it.

  • Queue: A Salesforce Queue is the place where unassigned records are parked. When the ownership remains vague of the record, it stays within the queue.

  • Standard Object: A Standard Object is a record parking feature that accompanies the Salesforce out of the box. Contact object, account object, and lead object are representations of standard objects.

  • Task: A Salesforce task is the action that will accompany an object. If a person must be called, it is called a task confirms Salesforce companies.

  • Trigger: A Trigger is a piece of Apex code that initiates action in caused by an event say Salesforce companies.

  • Web to Lead: The Web to Lead tool enables Salesforce users to curate forms for the internet. Data entered into these forms automatically is parked in the user’s Salesforce platform.

  • Workflow Rule: The Workflow Rule tool can automate tasks such as dispatching notifications, updating records, etc.

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