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Aug 10, 2022 07:00 AM

“ The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. “ quote by Vince Lombardi, an American football coach. 

Codleo Consulting as a SaaS provider as well as a licensed Salesforce services partner, has many successful customer stories. We don’t know our successes, but we are sharing some of them today in our blog as a Salesforce services company.  

Success story number 1: The customer is a medium-sized company that collates a gamut of eclectic and latest products globally, for varied uses such as home décor, garden décor, and houseware. Primarily, it deals with the home improvement retail sector, its services are used by retailers globally. The company is in India.  

The Salesforce services work we did for them included: 
  • Configuration of their sales onboarding process along with leads, purchase orders, and bills as part of our Salesforce services. 

  • Automatic invoice generation for commission fees from the Salesforce system to clients, via varied formats (Excel and PDF), was created. 

  • Reports & dashboards were configured for business intelligence as well as client insights for the many levels of hierarchy within. 

  • Commission fee management was deployed for the partner and the client. 

  • Integration of Salesforce with Microsoft Navision ERP led to the capturing of data with regard to purchase orders, invoices, and customer updates. 

Our Salesforce services work’s impact can be gauged by the following parameters:  
  • 100% visibility to the management about the commission fees of the clients 

  • 70 – 80% of their processes were automated. 

  • Staff productivity enhanced by 25 – 30%, courtesy process & workflow automation 

  • 70% of staff time is saved due to automation of processes. 

  • 100% accuracy on commission calculations thanks to automation, as compared to the earlier system of human calculation, which led to errors. 

Success story number 2: The client is a firm dealing in business intelligence that provides data solutions for automated & manual decision-making during customer onboarding, compliance, and credit analysis processes. It is an expert in the domains of credit reporting, business intelligence, and investigative due diligence for the MENA region (The Middle East & North Africa). It’s located in the Middle East. 

The Salesforce services work we did for them included: 
  • Rejigged the complete implementation of the client’s Salesforce org as part of our Salesforce services. 

  • Deployed forecasting with real-time information coming in from finished opportunities. 

  • Codleo provided customized and hands-on training sessions for different departments. 

  • Training manuals are created and shared as part of our Salesforce services. 

Our Salesforce services work’s impact can be gauged by the following parameters:  

  • The revised org is easy on the eyes and the users. 

  • The shortcut bar on the homepage minimized the issue of hunting for items & sieving through a dozen tabs. 

  • Forecasting allowed managers to assign monthly targets to each of their agents and get real-time updates on opportunities closed by their agents, thereby getting daily progress concerning those benchmarks. 

  • Administrators are geared to run their organizations thanks to the training and support provided, along with other Salesforce services. 

We have many such success stories thanks to our diligent and innovative Salesforce services. To learn more about our Salesforce services, give us a call

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