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Dec 23, 2022 06:13 AM

Salesforce Spring 2023 release is going to make an appearance very soon confirms Salesforce companies. For more details, call Salesforce companies. Salesforce companies have just received the release notes and are excited to share them with you. They are packed with many new features and this blog is dedicated to the same. The fiery hot features of the release as per Salesforce companies are:

  • Migrate to Flow for Process Builder. The upgraded Migrate to Flow tool supports the move of Process Builder. Earlier available to migrate Workflow Rules, it can now be used to convert Process Builder processes to Flows.
  • Dynamic Forms for Leads & Cases. The early release of Dynamic Forms for Cases is a welcome news. It was meant to be released as part of Summer 2023 release. It now forms a part of the Sprig 2023 release say Salesforce companies.

  • Dynamic Related Lists and view all. From Spring ‘23, Dynamic Related Lists incorporates a “View All” link so that we can browse to view the complete list of related records. 

  • Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects. Earlier available for Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity for desktop, Dynamic Actions are available for all standard objects. Rather than scanning a never ending list of actions, the users will be presented with an easy selection related to their role, profile, or when a record fulfils specific criteria.

  • Reports & dashboards. Many new & exciting updates in this section. Curate customised report filters. Users can design a dynamic report filter based on the viewing user to enable them to see reports that are relevant to them. Stay Informed on Dashboard and Report Subscriptions. Users may design a unique report type to view which reports, dashboards, or other analytic assets users are signed – up for.

  • Be super efficient by adding Reports & Dashboards to Collections. You can now use collections to group and arrange reports & dashboards, even if present in different folders, for smooth access. Users can tack collections to the homepage and share them with others. For more information, call Salesforce companies.

  • Construct unique Forecast Pages with the Lightning App Builder. A pretty underutilised feature, predicting in Sales Cloud has seen many updates the past few years. Spring ‘23 is in the same league and views the ability to curate & design unique forecast pages with the Lightning App Builder. The pages consist of standard and custom components, and you can create & allocate varied layouts for numerous users. For more details, call Salesforce companies.

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