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May 23, 2024 10:15 AM

Salesforce prioritizes offering comprehensive support and assistance to its users, ensuring they receive the best possible experience. Renowned for its efficiency and precision, Salesforce support is dedicated to enhancing overall user satisfaction.

All Salesforce users benefit from basic Salesforce support, which helps them address issues and maintain smooth workflow operations. However, for those requiring extra and specialized assistance, Salesforce Premier Support is available to meet their needs.

What Is Salesforce Premier Support?

Salesforce Premier Support, also known as Salesforce Premier Success Support, offers specialized assistance tailored to users' needs. This service elevates standard Salesforce support by providing personalized solutions to user issues.

Designed for those who need additional, targeted help from Salesforce experts, the Premier Success Plans ensure users can effectively navigate the CRM platform and execute specific tasks.

With Premier Support, you benefit from enhanced speed, accuracy, and efficiency in your work, thanks to the backing of certified Salesforce professionals. This exclusive support includes personalized mentoring sessions, 24/7 assistance, and expert tips from industry leaders. With such a robust virtual support system, you can confidently manage your Salesforce operations.

Driving User Adoption

Getting everyone in your team to switch to a new CRM system can be one of the toughest and most crucial aspects of implementation. Effective user adoption is essential for long-term success with any CRM platform.

To ensure effective user adoption, consider various support options that offer end-to-end guidance on processes and understanding the complex aspects of the CRM platform.

Reliable Technical Support

Premier Support provides access to technical mentoring sessions where experts answer all your "how-to" questions.

Whether troubleshooting code, managing your database, or resolving technical issues, Premier Support Plans help you overcome every hurdle.

Boost Your Productivity

Achieving your goals and targets requires your team to work at full potential. With Premier Success Plans, you can prepare your team efficiently.

Support ensures your progress never slows down. If you encounter any issues, you can quickly seek reliable assistance from experts, allowing you to continue smoothly.

Experts help you make the best use of the platform and its tools, maximizing your ROI and effectively reaching your customers.

Admin Assist

Admin Assist is an add-on to Premier Support, designed to help administrators work efficiently.

With Admin Assist, you receive comprehensive assistance from experienced and certified administrators who are well-versed in all aspects of the CRM platform.

Some processes made easier by this add-on include:

  • Building workflows

  • Developing reports and dashboards

  • Setting up and customizing roles and profiles

  • Setting duplicate management rules

  • Managing (importing/updating/deleting) data

  • Creating custom formula fields

  • Success Guidance

Premier Support offers a wealth of advice and guidance on specific aspects of the CRM platform, helping users make the most of it.

The automated and optimized support system connects you with the right expert at the right time, ensuring your issues are addressed by specialists in the relevant field.

Developer Support

Developer Support assists developers in carrying out technical processes seamlessly.

Experts and certified developers help troubleshoot, analyze, and debug issues related to:

  • API Integrations

  • Apex

  • AMPscript

  • Visualforce code

  • Get Coached With Premier Accelerators

For those seeking mentorship from industry experts, Premier Accelerators are an integral part of Premier Success Plans.

Accelerators are specialized coaching resources designed to help you understand both basic and advanced aspects of the CRM platform.

Whether you need help with a specific cloud service, you can choose accelerators for that service and engage in mentoring sessions with experts.

There are three major ways to utilize this feature and gain valuable knowledge:

  • Accelerator Webinars: Live or on-demand webinars on specific topics conducted by experts.

  • On-demand Videos: Hour-long videos created by professionals, watchable at your convenience.

  • One-to-one Sessions: Direct interaction with experts to solve problems, minimize errors, and employ the right tools effectively.

Major Topics Covered In Premier Accelerators
Sales Cloud:
  • Campaign Management

  • Admin Fast Start

  • Sales Cloud Einstein

  • Managing Leads

  • Managing Opportunities

  • Console Design

  • Setting Up Gmail Integration

  • Designing Reports and Dashboards

  • Setting Up myTrailhead

  • Preventing Duplicate Records

  • Optimizing Forecasting

  • Setting Up Path In Lightning

Service Cloud:
  • Chat For Lightning

  • Agent Productivity Features

  • Digital Engagement

  • Dashboard Design

  • Dashboard Fast Start

  • Automating Case Management

  • Deploying Chat

  • Automating Work Distribution With Omni-channel

  • Lightning Transition Readiness

Marketing Cloud:
  • Advertising Studio

  • Admin + Deliverability

  • Email Studio

  • Building, Testing, And Sending Emails

  • Journey Builder

  • Automating Data Imports

  • Using Einstein Engagement Scoring

  • Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Email Reporting And Tracking

Commerce Cloud (B2B and B2C):
  • On-site Research (B2C)

  • Products And Catalogs (B2C)

  • Einstein Product Recommendations (B2C)

  • Metrics And Analysis (B2C)

  • Multi-factor Authentication (B2C)

  • Search Engine Optimization (B2C)

  • Sorting Rules (B2C)

  • Organizing Teams (B2B)

  • Feature Adoption Checklist (B2C)

  • Page Designer (B2C)

  • Google Organic Basics

  • Switching To Lightning App

  • New Admin Onboarding

  • B2B Marketing Analytics

  • Reporting

  • Global Marketing Strategy

  • Preparing For Implementation

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Using Automation Tools

  • Using Forms And Automation Tools

  • Using Engage

  • Sending List Emails

  • Using Campaigns

  • Database Hygiene Assessment

  • Optimizing Pardot And CRM Integration

  • Lightning Customer Community Fast Start

  • Lightning Partner Community Fast Start

  • Building Lightning Customer Community

  • Creating A Public Knowledge Base

  • Building Lightning Partner Community

  • Planning Chatter Adoption

Einstein Analytics:
  • Event Monitoring

  • Einstein Discovery

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

  • Sales Analytics: Fast Start

  • Service Analytics: Fast Start

  • Loading Data

  • Einstein Analytics: Health Check

Premier Support Cost

The cost of Premier Support depends on your specific needs, with three distinct editions to choose from: Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus.

  • Standard: Included with all licenses, this edition offers specific assistance through Trailhead and the Community.

  • Premier: At 20% of the net license cost, this edition includes all features of the Standard edition, plus Accelerators, exclusive phone support, developer support, and expert guidance.

  • Premier Plus: At 30% of the net license cost, this advanced edition provides Admin Assist along with all features of the previous editions.

Learning and operating a CRM system may seem challenging, but with the right support system, it becomes manageable. By taking one step at a time, you can master the platform with precision.

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