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Oct 11, 2022 07:10 AM

Omni channel routing is a contact centre strategy whose aim is to deliver a seamless experience, to clients on any device of their choice. This is achieved by directing client interactions to the most relevant agent, based on skills, availability, and so on. By delivering a consistent experience irrespective of which channel and device the client is coming from is important say Salesforce Platinum Partners. It helps to enhance client delight as well as loyalty to the brand. Omni channel routing is a powerful weapon for improving client service & support. By linking different communication channels into one platform, omni channel routing makes access to help & information for clients a smooth affair.

The consolidation of all client engagement on one platform allows businesses to get a holistic picture of each client’s journey, recognise problems and enhance the client experience. If you are a company that wants to deliver superior service and believe that “ customer is the monarch” around which your operations revolve, then its time. Time to onboard omni channel routing via Salesforce Platinum Partners. If you haven’t, then don’t wait any longer. 

The benefits of omni channel routing as per Salesforce Platinum Partners are: 

  • A consistent brand identity is forged. When good service is provided, you are ensuring customer delight. Your audiences will remain loyal to your brand and be unofficial brand ambassador. They will refer your brand to their networks. 

  • Enhance sales & conversion rates. Superior services mean repeat buyers and even upselling / cross selling. So omni channel routing is definitely advisable if only for this reason. 

  • Reduce the client turnover. With customers being happy with the service, they are less likely to switch loyalty to your competitors. Keep them delighted and by your side. In these days of tough competition, every happy customer by your side is bonus.  

  • Stay ahead of competition. Be a winner with your charm offensive that keeps the customer hooked to your brand. 

Suggestions for optimising the strategy as per Salesforce Platinum Partners: 

  • To begin with, you must be clear about your clients and their requirements. What are they searching for? What kind of help /information will they need? 

  • The next step is to formulate a plan on how to serve them via different channels. Do keep in mind that each channel has its own share of pluses and minuses. 

  • It's important to select the channels of choice. These are determined by the business goals that need to be achieved. 

  • Keep analysing and modifying your strategy with time. As time passes and you scale, the client needs, and challenge will change too. Nothing is static reveal Salesforce Platinum Partners. 

If you are a company with a contact centre and yet floundering, then it’s time to call the experts i.e. Codleo Consulting - Salesforce Platinum Partners. Let the Salesforce Platinum Partners implement the omni channel routing strategy for you today.

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