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May 04, 2021 08:19 AM

“We have become a white-collar workforce, and automation has become a necessity.”Quote by Randy Breaux, President, Motion Industries, from the foreword of Modern Manufacturing (Volume 3)—An Inside Look Into Game-Changing Processes

A large swath of manufacturers, especially those that are small or medium-sized and primarily family-owned, have been complacent with the way things have been run, they are not willing for different reasons, to go for digital disruption. The traditional way of doing things with minor tweaks and additions has been the norm with manufacturers in India and other developing nations. It is, however, imperative in the 21st century for the manufacturing industry to onboard various tech tools & solutions such as CRM and cloud offerings. These tools, once learned properly by the users, act as boosters for the business and the management.

Salesforce, the premier Customer Relationship Management tool, has Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud in its kitty that pumps the manufacturing industry with forecast accuracy and visibility, improves team collaboration, and regularises all processes. The rough seas borne by the sector compel businesses to consider automation processes and minimise expenses while improving efficiencies. This is where Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud meets businesses.

While most of us are already familiar with the Salesforce universe and its wonders, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a proven mantra for success, as the features present include sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management, and customer service. The empowering cloud-based offering assists companies with handling client accounts, tracking sales prospects, conducting and observing marketing outreach, and offering post-sales service & support

A few of its features worth mentioning here include: 
  • Account-based forecasting allows insights into the  business by collapsing company ‘silos’ to enable the management and relevant departments to make better business forecasts, etc 

  • Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing provides analytics and intelligent experience with innovative metrics via vital data sources like account health, product reach, price point, sales agreement progress, and visibility into all data. 

  • Sales agreements empower management to consolidate run-rate business with information parked in ERP and OMS systems with decided contract terms, so especially the operations and finance departments have a holistic view of the customer. 

  • By adding the Community Cloud, real-time visibility, and collaboration tools in the Manufacturing Cloud are accessed by clients and relevant stakeholders. 

  • Go for business growth by proactively delighting your clients. With real-time visibility into the sales process, main account history, and service problems, the concerned departments are adequately provisioned to deal with the ever-changing client dynamics. 

The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud brings the latest 21st-century technologies to the doorsteps of product manufacturers.  Boosting the day-to-day work through various tools & solutions enables improvement in ROI, expansion of the reach of the company, smoothing of work processes, and so on. For a demo on the power of the manufacturing cloud, get in touch with us today.

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