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Aug 09, 2023 07:31 AM

Gmail and Salesforce are very popular tools for businesses. Many companies opt for Salesforce when searching for the best CRM solution, and Gmail is their preferred email service. Their joint power makes them a formidable duo. By integrating Salesforce and Gmail via Salesforce Integration Services, businesses set themselves up for victory. Gmail and Salesforce are two of the most frequently used solutions for businesses. They are the leaders of the sector, considering people go for Salesforce when they need to choose the best CRM solution and Gmail for sending emails. Their combined power is something that makes them more powerful. Salesforce Gmail integration via Salesforce Integration Services is how businesses can get the best of both worlds.

The integration allows employees to access & handle records and data saved on Salesforce via their Gmail account. Work is improved & workflow is optimised, thus making it easier to work smoothly as users can work from a single screen.  By gaining access to modifications in Salesforce records, registering emails, or creating opportunities or contacts, the integration gives you to do all of this and much more from within the Gmail inbox. This powerful integration via Salesforce Integration Services enables much more.

Why are Gmail and Salesforce integration via Salesforce Integration Services important for businesses like yours?
  1. End-to-end view of sales visibility. The integration will result in data synchronisation and, therefore, save records in Salesforce via the email information in Gmail. This integration provides a detailed view of each customer and leads information, allowing the marketing and sales teams to target the audience with the right messaging at the right time, allowing for more sales to take place. How cool is that?

  2. Enhanced productivity of the sales personnel. Sales teams waste time and energy on data entry. Plus, a lot of time is spent on emails (creating, replying, and so on).  This is not a good practice. Salespeople should have more time and energy to focus on sales than doing back-end admin work.  Joining Salesforce and Gmail is helpful in this aim of personalised emails and messages to woo customers. Contact Codleo for Salesforce Integration Services

  3. Increase sales engagement. Automation of the sales process with reduced human intervention results in improved sales engagement. This is an ideal situation. Let the human sales team focus on increasing engagement in various ways. This is achieved with the integration of the leading email provider and the leading CRM firm in the world via Salesforce Integration Services. Customised engagement allows clients to respond or book a meeting with the sales personnel via a few clicks. A wholesome client experience means more leads and business.

  4. Reduction in mistakes. An integration via Salesforce Integration Services allows data synchronisation between the solutions, thus removing the requirement of data being saved repeatedly. This reduces the time spent on context switching. Thus, errors made by humans are eliminated, and data quality is not threatened.

Get in touch with us today to integrate Gmail with Salesforce. We are the best in the business, with leading brands as our clients. For all Salesforce integration services, Codleo is the best.

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