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Oct 06, 2023 01:37 PM

Ensuring that your Salesforce solution works & designed as real-time business processes require is an activity that calls for personalised Salesforce development. Development activities vary as per the needs of each of the Salesforce projects, such as data migration from an existing CRM or Excel doc or a mint-fresh Salesforce implementation. It can include business process automation with code, unique reports, and dashboard creation, or even an app creation. To this end for a Salesforce development project that is a qualified success, partnering with a Salesforce partner with skilled & experienced personnel is a must.

For implementing and customising your Salesforce org, the following roles are required as part of the Salesforce development project, carried out by a Salesforce partner:  consultant, architect, tech developer, and admin. This is not the only profession needed by a company in its quest for a great tech stack to make it future-ready. Let's examine the role of these 4 main players in looking after your project, which we have listed for today’s blog.

Salesforce consultant - An experienced & resourceful Salesforce consultant in a Salesforce partner assists companies to meet their business goals with unique solutions that are relevant to their business and needs. There are many ways in which Salesforce consultants enable companies to unlock the power of Salesforce such as suggestion of custom Salesforce solutions that are relevant to a business and their needs. Businesses manage their entire database within Salesforce thanks to help from Salesforce consultants.

Architect - They design the architectural framework of the CRM and unique apps while employed with a Salesforce partner. The architect has solid knowledge of Salesforce products and development tools, rich development background, and experience in integrating Salesforce with other tech tools/apps via APIs and creating personalised integrations or applications. The architect is omnipresent at every stage right up to deployment.

Salesforce developer - Developers in a Salesforce partner work with Salesforce to fix complicated issues for clients using both code and Salesforce’s no-code tools. Maximum developers who work with Salesforce technologies design personalized business apps and solutions. This is done using the Salesforce Platform ( such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud communities ) or Heroku. Some developers may become micro specialists in Salesforce consulting services, others are proper developers working with both back-end logic and front-end experiences. Some developers design personalised marketing experiences on Marketing Cloud. Others delve into data and reveal new insights with Tableau. Developers are designing mesmerising commerce experiences with Commerce Cloud’s PWA kit. Others are designing a digital fort for their employers/clients with custom Slack apps.

Salesforce Administrator - The front-end face of Salesforce is the ubiquitous Salesforce admin who works with a Salesforce partner. They automate mundane business workflows &approval processes, work on reports and dashboards, create email templates, introduce user roles and permission sets, provide managed / support services as well and train users. They fine-tune a solution with point-and-click tools.

With these 4 crucial profiles in Salesforce partner, all Salesforce Development Projects are in good and safe hands.

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