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Dec 11, 2023 09:48 AM

In today’s blog, we are making some predictions on Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce Inc which are synergising their powers for the greater good of businesses globally. Let’s see what these predictions are as per Salesforce companies.

  1. AI skills will be de rigeur for Salesforce personnel. As AI marches into our lives, it’s now becoming commonplace for AI skills to play a role in the majority of profiles and industries. This will apply in the Salesforce ecosystem as well. AI tools will be needed in technical Salesforce profiles, implementing AI functionality on the Salesforce org, and helping users who will use Sales and Service GPT. Before getting worked up over your jobs “being in danger”, we need to relax. Everyone needs to upskill to stay relevant, embrace change, and face the future with an open mind & arms say Salesforce companies.

  2. There is no substitute for human experience. Salesforce personnel utilise ChatGPT to create validation rules, Apex Triggers, Lightning Components, and soon. However, no one would use an output without its validation, would they? Of course not, and this call for experience confirms Salesforce companies. This experience lies with us, the human beings. Newbies entering the expanding Salesforce multiverse, or any tech industry using ChatGPT for support need to be careful. They can’t get complacent as dependency on generative AI at the beginning of their career may prove to be a liability, as the ability to comprehend the outputs goes for a toss. The results of ChatGPT need to be reviewed and amended. This is because the results are not accurate and cause embarrassment. The CEO of ChatGPT, Mr. Sam Altman has himself said – “ Please don't rely on it for factual accuracy'. So, it’s always good to use it initially for document creation and then study & amend it as per final need.

  3. AI assistant for Salesforce personnel. AI assistants for Salesforce personnel are coming our way sooner rather than later. ChatGPT gives us a peek into what the AI assistant will do for professionals such as writing Apex code, validation rules, or even writing the steps to create a flow. Productivity AI tools will become available to all types of careers very soon. When users sync a highly trained LLM ( Large Language Model ) for a particular use case, combined with a user interface that assists a particular role with existing issues,  things start to happen.

  4. Satisfaction levels of Salesforce users working in Salesforce companies will be on the rise. As AI plays a bigger role on the Salesforce platform, with new features enabling mundane workflows and processes to bid adieu, the productivity and efficiency of employees will increase. They will spend more time on high-value tasks. They will feel more satisfied at work and loyal to the company. No more spending time on routine and mundane tasks & processes thanks to the advent of AI. Isn’t that great?

  5. AI will no longer generate such fear or excitement. Like any new tech, it's causing waves, not ripples. But over time we will adapt and make peace with it. It will be like any other tech tool in a business’s tech stack. We will no longer fear it as we upskill and learn to thrive, whether working in Salesforce companies or not.

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