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Nov 10, 2022 10:46 AM

Welcome back to part 2 of our blog on “personalisation is key for Financial Service Companies”. We are examining how companies in this vertical can take the concept of personalisation and own it. With the Salesforce mobile app and Salesforce Platinum partners, financial advisors can easily access client portfolios that consist of client interactions, history, and profiles—in a centralised place and in real time, thus reimagining the client & advisor association. The platform also solidifies client feedback & issues. This information is processed via a Sentiment Analysis Engine, that lets departments to look at trends such as the common issues bothering clients. The departments can then solve these issues and focus on personalised service that leads to client requirements. 

  • Brokers, dealers, and direct selling agents are vital to the success of financial services businesses. They enable the ramping up of operations and attract new clients in an economical manner. Thus, it’s important to ensue that the ties between brokers and companies is nurtured. If the partner experience is good, it leads to enhanced client experience confirm Salesforce Platinum partners. They are linked. Curate customised communications in Salesforce Pardot implemented by Salesforce Platinum partners to onboard, and nurture brokers in their journey with you. Monthly email blasts with information on event invites, reminders, notifications on submitting quotes, and cross-selling opportunities. This constant flow of information makes the lives of brokers & dealers much easy. 

  • You will find your clients wanting consistent service across channels & mediums. How do you do that? The answer is very simple. It is having one source of client truth. When clients alternate from email to social media, or from a self help portal to a contact centre, departments must be armed with updated, and contextual client information for meaningful conversations. For a client, a company is one, not disconnected departments say Salesforce Platinum partners

  • Brands are relying on chatbots to provide fast & improved service confirm Salesforce Platinum partners. Bots handle service interactions with clients, while replying to simple & routine client questions. They can also be equipped to greet each customer by their name and meet their requirements. Collating of client data is enhanced thanks to dynamic conversations. This enables quick resolution of client issues & problems. Human intervention can happen with complex queries & issues. 

  • Self service portals are a good way to get clients find replies quickly and on their own terms state Salesforce Platinum partners. The customer service agents are free to focus their attention on high value tasks / cases thus giving a leg up to productivity. Self service tools provide customised experiences & text based on client personas. These portals let clients find queries to many service questions such as requests for statements of accounts, foreclosure letters, & dues. Clients can repay mortgages via different channels, such as web and third-party payment gateways. If anyone wishes to speak to a human agent can request for a call back. Since the number of calls are less, personalised attention that clients expect is de rigeur. We are among the leading Salesforce Platinum partners

If you are in the financial services sector and need help with personalised service to your partners & clients, connect with CodleoSalesforce Platinum partners, for a range of digital solutions that will put you ahead of others and make you the ace of the pack. 

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