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Aug 03, 2022 10:54 AM

Looking to hire a Salesforce consultant for advice or work? Confused as to who should you opt for? There are so many partners in the market – global players, boutique companies, or start-ups. It is as confusing as selecting dishes in a dining buffet lineup.  Well, we have some good advice in our blog. It will help take the sting out of your search. We are here to make your life easy. So, let’s start with some tips and suggestions based on our experience. 

The 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Salesforce Consultant are: 
  • Check their technical expertise – Any Salesforce company must be up to speed with technical details/features & functionalities. This is ensured by Salesforce Inc that their partners are well-versed in all advancements. However, it’s always good to exercise your due diligence. There is no harm. Everyone does it. The Salesforce companies should be familiar with all features & functionalities, what types of companies use salesforce software, and if your company is in a specific industry their requirements. The company should be able to provide answers to questions such as “ why some features are important or relevant “  or “ what does particular information mean “? and so on. Such questions that your quest for an ideal partner ends the right way. There are no problems or regrets. 

  • Industry experience and knowledge. Many Salesforce companies concentrate their expertise in some industries. For example, Codleo Consulting specializes in Education, NGOs, Professional services, manufacturing, and health. So do other Salesforce companies that may be boutique, small, or medium in size. Look for such partners. They have the industry knowledge and can be the right fit. There is no trial and error. They know what companies in the specific industry need based on their unique challenges. Based on such experience & knowledge, Salesforce companies can curate the right solutions and build a good relationship with you. The Salesforce companies may even have personnel with educational backgrounds that match your specific vertical. Salesforce companies leverage such personnel to their benefit to offer consultancy, customization, deployment, support, or training services. 

  • Analyze the customer portfolio/case studies of the Salesforce companies. It’s always good to get a list of clients ( either from the website or ask them to send it to you ). Review the case studies/portfolio to see if what they do and have done is something that resonates with you. Salesforce companies should have experience in your domain and a portfolio/case study bank reveals the same. Codleo USSA website has an extensive portfolio of our different industry vertical case studies that serve as our knowledge bank and help potential clients to evaluate our expertise. If the Salesforce companies are specializing in the automotive industry and you belong to an NGO, then you know that you may disregard them. Right? 

  • Product knowledge should be rich. They should be well-versed in the products that you are going to deploy. A Sales cloud guy may not be familiar with the service cloud and vice versa. Each product comes with its own set of functions & your selected Salesforce companies must be Salesforce companies are deeply familiar with each of them. 

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